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Easy moving fashions

In Fashion on December 30, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Moving is a bitch. Ah, that makes me feel so much better. Luckily, I haven’t been moving too far from the nest. I’m one block north from my old place, but when you’re moving things yourself, it’s far enough. I’m not too happy, though. Reason being is that I ruined my expensive Jules Power sweat tights (who’d wear $100 + items to move, only me, of course). Not to mention, I can’t really tell if I’m hot or cold, because nothing feels comfortable enough. If I wear a winter coat, it’s too much, but too much layers don’t seem to do the trick, either. Yes. It makes no sense trying to move in the winter – that’s a whole other story. But I digress. I’ve made my bed, so I’ve gotta deal with the consequences. But this post is for those of you who get it, there’s no good fashion when it comes to moving. Top it off, I live in an area where I can’t really afford to have bad days – at least not this time around. So, what’s a girl to do? I mean hey, not that I’m so self-conscious that I don’t want people to see my lugging furniture wearing a head scarf and ripped pants, but then again, maybe I am.

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on these pants. But it says on Power’s e-comm shop that they’re now $58 as opposed to the original 130. This infuriates me. As mentioned, I have a hole in my 130 pants. At least if they were cheaper, I wouldn’t feel so bad.

These 100 % Canadian eh boots are comfy. Love them. And though I’ve almost worn them to the ground, they’re tried and true. Not sure they’ll last longer than a few winters, but definitely good for Toronto’s sluggish, messy winters.

Good look: The Red Dress

In dress, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Trend on December 24, 2010 at 7:48 pm

The little black dress has been played into oblivion. The red dress has become something of an icon, but it’s still an underrated one. Let’s bring it back. Go ahead and slip one on for Christmas. Sure it’s a little ‘festive’, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Antonio Berardi concocted this mouth-watering regal yet Gothic velvet dress with good intentions. I’ve never seen anyone – at least here in Toronto – pull off anything like it. And trust that they’ve tried to do a lot of things. But it’s a must, if you can get your hands on it.

Black lace. I say, red. This lace dress by Dolce & Gabbana is simple but effective. If you want to stand out amidst the black lace crowd, this is the way to go.

Alber Elbaz is the king of ‘the dress’. He’s the core of French fashion house Lanvin. Admittedly, this dress is very Cynthia Nixon. And I mean the actress. Not her character Miranda Hobbes from Sex in the City. Red is exceptionally flattering on a red-head it’s true. But didn’t you know that it’s just as stunning on virtually every skin tone?

If you’ve got the shoulders, I’d suggest you try this fold dress by DSquared2. The colour has punch. The cut is immaculate. It’s simple yet effective.

Ah, now this is my thing. As I’ve stated before, short and tight is my thing. Over the years, I’ve come think of Valentino as red and flowy, but this body-con like number takes the band to a completely different. It’s the sexiest of the lot. But then again, I am about my sex, aren’t I.

If your preference is for understatement, this Vivienne Westwood Jersey Dress could be right for you. Quite a coincidence coming from the mother of punk. But because it’s so minimal, it’s best to go with extreme accessories.

Grab bag

In Accessory, Good Look, Shopping on December 22, 2010 at 4:27 pm

I’m a clingy girlfriend – there, I said. But I’m also a loyal one, just ask my bags. I’ve got bags with straps falling off the seams, filled with century stale crumbs and holes leading to wonderland. But that could be because I’m an easy shopper: I see it, I want it, that’s it. Which could be the reason I’m so loyal to my limited bag collection in the first place. I don’t really like shopping for bags, and I’m pretty confident in the type of bag that suits my body type and personality. You’re tall, thin, go with something that slouches around the body. Long straps are sleek. Flexibility is key. Marc by Marc Jacobs is a personal favourite. Chanel, well, I admire that one from a far, and Hermès, well, forget about it. But I digress.

There’s people that collect bags for the sake of it, but this isn’t about that. Nor does it have anything to do with price. Sometimes, you just need a bag you throw over your shoulder and go your way, you know what I mean? Well, okay, you might want to throw a bit of hotness in-the-mix.

I’m a fan of the acclaimed french brand Balenciaga. And even bigger fan of the bags it produces. However, they’ve got an older aesthetic. May not be suitable for someone under 25, unless you’ve got the physique and personality to pull it it off.

This is exactly why I’m a fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs. It’s funky, modern, and extremely affordable. Loving the colour of this one.

I’ve never really had the chance to get into Paul Smith, until now. It’s a timeless brand, that swirl? Sexy. As is this bag. It’s got that quirky graphic in the classy style.

Python is hot. Always has been. And the colour? Stunning. Jerome Dreyfuss is relatively new to me, but by the looks of this one, I could get into it.

Burberry. The brand I could never afford. But it’s a staple if you can actually get your hands on one. This check is more versatile compared to the other ones, along with the colourway.

I’ve always wanted a Mulberry bag. I’ve just never had the opportunity to get one. This Mulberry purse is stunning, kind of young, but fun. And flirty.

Trend spotting: Printed pants

In Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Shopping, Trend, Trend Report on December 15, 2010 at 7:12 pm

While Marc Jacobs and Missoni trail blazed African prints for 2010, the harem pant, though a staple for comfort was a death wish to fashion editors everywhere. Put the two together, and well, let’s just say it was not a must-have item if you (supposedly) knew anything about style. But the two trends were, and it was a trend reserved for the über cool niche market.

The printed harem pant hasn’t really had a proper moment, until now. Designers Basso & Brooke highlighted the trend for Spring/Summer 2011, and retails don’t seem to be ready to give up those loose-fitting trousers. And neither are those of us who learned how to play with it’s comfort and flexibility.

Considering my plaid pants of choice are fairly minimal, I would off-set it with a bright top. I fell in love with this Ann Yee blouse, the length and colour draw emphasis to the look.

Ah, here we go. The print trouser. Sass & Bide have a way with print, but if you are to steer in this direction, it`s best to look for a piece that doesn`t have too much going on.

The shoes. Of course, I picked Givenchy because you won`t always find a high-fashion designer for under $500. And here, I actually did, and, of course, suede black booties complete the look.

Trend spotting: Colour blocking

In Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Shopping, Trend, Trend Report on December 14, 2010 at 8:48 pm

In contrast to the sea of black that flooded the runways last year, spring 2011 (supposedly) represents bursts of colour. Allure. Not your average pastel hues however, you must be brave. Mix and match solid, poignant splashes of burnt sienna, blue, lime green and sunshine yellow.

Very `90s. Colour blocking must, I repeat must be off-set with a minimalist silhouette. Try to avoid ‘skin-tight,’ and if you can, refrain from prints unless they’re architectural. Raf Simons for Jil Sander led the pack with his use of solid colour. Sure, there was a plethora of others: Louis Vuitton, Prada. But when it comes to this concept, it’s either whimsical and playful, or sleek, with an air of self-consciousness.

In terms of my colour-blocking preference, I’d go with this Ann Demulemeester blazer. It’s bright, and reflective of my Gothic-style, but with slight minimal effect.

This Tory Burch top is a perfect example of what colour blocking with prints. This one can work, as opposed to floral or digital prints, because your look, essentially, should be a work of art.

Another important thing to consider with colour-blocking is adding a bit of black for contrast. It tames the look, makes it aesthetically digestible. Imagine: you’re walking down the street with bright yellow pants and an orange shirt. Now, replay the scenario with a black blazer. In this case, I’m all for these soft-pleated trousers by Band of Outsiders. It’s vibrant, but the colours complement each other.

Spotted: Pucci thigh-high, lace-up boots

In affordable, Good Look, sexy, Shoes, Trend, Trend Report on December 9, 2010 at 10:12 pm

Admit it. Those shoes, otherwise known as hooker boots, are the business. I’ve had an infatuation with them since walking into Stepz at Dufferin Mall months ago. I’ve just been waiting for the right time. It wasn’t until today, upon reading a post by Fashionising, that I realized that the thigh-high, lace-up is about to have a big moment.

So, you can two one of two things. Maybe both. Buy yourself a pair of these off-the-runway Pucci lovelies. Or, you can get yourself some hotties that are just as sexy without breaking the bank. I’d do both. But my budget only calls for the cheaper option.

4 1/2 inches of absolute sexiness. And for about 180 USD at Why not? They’re synthetic and black, compared to the warm suede brown Pucci ones, but they’re still irresistible.
Or, you can go with the real leather option with these thigh-high bitches by Joie. Get them at Saks. Either way, it’s the same damn effect, isn’t it?

Coat for him: gift guide for me

In Fashion on December 9, 2010 at 7:16 pm

On to part two of the gift guide saga. Sorry I’m so late on this, but I’m notorious for being a last-minute shopper, anyway. Coats. A good one can literally last a lifetime, while a fad endures for a month – tops. If you’re stylist – and there’s a difference – your closet is more likely than not to filled with classic pieces. But If you’re fashion-conscious, well, you’re on to the next as seasons change. The interesting thing about fashion though, is that if you truly have an eye for it, you can easily spot something timeless, as I hope I’ve done here. While some men will get these pieces, others with tunnel vision won’t.

This Raf Simons bomber jacket reminds me of the good ‘ole days. I was young. Happy. And I wanted a bomber jacket. Badly. The small zipper on the side, the orange lining, it’s completely grunge. Circa `92. With the ripped jeans and flannel shirts to match. If you were hip hop, you wore all black: toque, jeans, tee, kicks and a bomber off the top. It came in olive, or black. But at this stage in life, I think most men may find the darker hue more sleek.

Alright. My obsession with Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy is nothing new. But you have to admit: most things by this man are – tres chic – cliche intended. This trench coat has a strong British aesthetic to it, it’s got that post-punk rebel attitude. And it’s fairly reasonable (in price) for a high-fashion brand (685 Euros). What’s best about this coat though, is that it transcends age, most (mature) younger men can wear it, and it’ll easy work its way into the latter end of the age spectrum.

Let me tell you a little something about Savile Row: it doesn’t get half as much credit in west as it deserves. Did you know the late Alexander McQueen originally trained at the row? For a man to wear an Duffle coat acclaimed brand as this means he’s got taste. Unfortunately, you’ll have to educate a lot of men of a certain generation about it.

Capes are in. But on a guy, they tend to remind me of Batman. But in this case, this cape by Ann Demeulemeester gets a major pass. If your guy falls in love with this coat, consider yourself a champion of style.

This coat is my personal favourite. I had always been in love with Hudson’s Bay point blanket , so to see it be revived and re-modeled over the years brings about a sense of pride. Here’s a point I’ve been arguing for years though: why do designers in warmer climates make such wonderful winter coats? Here, we have a brand, Monitaly, based in California, whip up a Riders white stripe wool coat. And the brand’s designer Yuki Matsuda, has a thing for us Canadians; he’s also designed a collection for our beloved Canada Goose. Now, I should be clear: the Canadian brand does not come cheap (this coat is about 902 USD), but consider it a staple. Like an original Burberry, this is the type of item that gets better with age.

Spotted: Surf boards

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For the past year, there’s been a lot of talk about surf boards goin’ around. Actually, there’s been a major ode to the west coast: bands, fashion, Wavves, the works. And the reference seems to be spilling into the new year.

I was over it, until I came across this limited-edition Marc Jacobs surf board. Hot. Subliminal. Masonic. And so sexy. Would I rock this? You betcha. With a super-cute graphic print bikini by Mathew Williamson.

Come on, now. Winter has just begun in Toronto and I’m already have my summer outfit planned. But I’am about to cut off all my hair, so I’ve probably already subconsciously been in that space, anyway.

Shoes for him: Gift guide for me

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I’ve got style, which makes difficult buying something for a guy. You’d think it be easy, but not all guys dress like Kanye West. It’s one thing to see something and say “Oh my gosh, he should would love this.” But what he should do verses the reality can be apples and vodka shots. Ah, I digress. In the ideal world, “his” style is a reflection of mine. That said, I’m compiling this gift guide on the basis that he’d love most, if not all, the things I bequeath. Our closets would be one in the same. (considering the whole boyfriend trend going around, trust that this does happen).

I thought I’d start with shoes, because at least think I can confirm that shoes have held importance to most men I’ve attracted or been attracted to. And, quite possibly, I’ve always felt if you that if you can connect with your taste in shoes, you both may be on your way to a fruitful future.

Can’t really go wrong with Chucks, ever. Sure they have a strong `80s aesthetic, but they’re still understated. Just a second look until you’d realize there’s patent embellished on the ankles. I think they also came in all-black, but they’ve long sold out. Not bad in price either 65 GBP.

Cute. Masculine, hence why I prefer the wine hue, but chic. I notice that as some men get hold, there’s this desire to ‘shed’ the streetwear image they one coveted. Sneakers become something you’d rather wear to the laundry mat, rather an authentic fashion statement. But as for me, no matter how many heels, boots and shoes mount up in my closet, I will always be a lover of sneakers. But I can appreciate upgrade their street appeal, with shoes such as these.

Who is Thomas Erber and what is Le Cabinet de Curiosités? I had no idea until I came across these lovelies. I’ve always wanted a pair of shoes similar to these (available for 900 euros exclusively at Colette), and by the price of these, I suppose they’ll remain on my dream list of quite a while. And so it remains for him as well.

Oh yes, one of the sexiest shoes I’ve seen yet. I hold these Lanvin plaid sneakers close to my heart. And admittedly, if I had to choose, I’d go with me, and the boyfriend would get a box of coal. Christmas is a about giving, I know, but for 1517 euros, I’d have to be whipped.

These hunting boots remind me of Moccasins. Oh and wait, what do you know. As stated in the description “The true moccasin boots are finished with leather laces, cream leather gusset tongue, leather lining, cushioned leather insole, heel pulls and a sports crepe sole.” They certainly do have a feminine flair, but they look durable. Besides, one should never judge the outer appearance, as they say.

Stay tuned for part II, I think that one will be… the coat.

Steal: Evening dresses

In affordable, dress, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Shopping, steal, Trend, Trend Report, Wish List on December 7, 2010 at 7:10 pm

I may be young, but when it comes to clothes, I’m not delusional. Most of the time. As much as I can imagine myself in an over-the-top designer dress, I know how to find my favorite brands at reasonable prices too. And still set the trend, if I must add.

The thing about designer, is that minimalism isn’t an issue. You could be bare feet with a plastic bag, and you’ll still look dope. Reason being is because designer means quality – it’s not rocket science. So while we’d love to spend $1,000+ on that dazzling couture piece, we can still look on point in less than a fraction of the price. On top of that, adorned in clothes by some of the hottest designers in the fashion bible hot list.

OK, OK, wait a minute, here. A 100% silk dress by Swedish it-brand ACNE for under $250? And where can I get that? Coggles you say? Is that not a steal? And they have my size? If you – or me for that matter – don’t get on this, well have to resort to rags. This doesn’t happen very often… if ever.

Alexander Wang, in my opinion, is the Alfred Sung of his generation. This 26-year-old fashion prodigy has received accolades from Vogue, and is top-tier to celebrities around the world. That said, to own anything by Mr. Wang is a treat. And if it’s under $200, say no more. Even if it is his secondary line.

What more do you need in a TWENTY8TWELVE dress? It’s super-mini, and it’s pink. Nicki Minaj, eat your socks. And it’s roughly under $250 (CDN).

One thing you’ll have to realize: when it comes to cost-effective designer dresses, there’s less fabric to work with. But it’s okay, it’s worth it. You’ve got the body, the look and the attitude, and a little minus degree whether won’t kill you, right? Who wouldn’t wear this grey scale body-con dress by Jonathan Saunders. I thought grey was the new black. And apparently it’s 199.50 (USD), not even $200. Go for it.
Sportmax, a subsidiary of the MaxMara empire is constant in Vogue‘s pages. Does that mean anything, well yes, it does. it’s the originator in sport-motif chic. Minimal construction, and fine detail. And to top if off, for about $250 USD, you’re getting a 2-for-1 deal, a dress and bolero in a navy hue. OK. I meant three.