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Milan Fashion Week: Gucci

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Must take note: A couple of days ago, I received my ‘golden’ e-invitation to watch a livestream of Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2011-12 collection. It was a bit unexpected, but looking at the wealth of information readily available (online forums, Facebook, Twitter), the only disadvantage is not being able to see the fabrics up close. Well, Italy is about six hours ahead of Toronto, so, I missed the show. But, but I think I’ll be okay.

Since taking over design responsibilities, Frida Giannini did some major spring cleaning to Gucci‘s archive. Introduced contemporary modernism, and androgyny all while maintaining the brands’ sensuality. Now, it looks like she’s reverting back to something.

It is a beautiful collection? Absolutely. It is one of her best? No. But when I look at the collection, I see Bianca Jagger’s carefree spirit juxtaposed with Anita Pallenberg’s strong sense of identity. And this is enough to satisfy me. But even if she is referencing things of the past, there’s no need to expect her to ‘go back’ to what we think we’ve come to know by reverting to what she presented before. It’s okay to throw people off, once in a while.

Shout out to FataleFashion for providing the video.

Milan Fashion Week: John Richmond

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Alright, so here we go. I like to be stimulated. And while fashion is ‘just clothes’, there is a cerebral thought process that goes into what I wear. I don’t impulse buy anymore. My palette is black. My skirts and dresses are super tight and, in most cases, super short. I like boots and super high heels. That said, John Richmond is my kind of guy. With the exception of a few ballroom gowns, and sparkle – which I personally am not not into – it spoke my language.

There was nothing over-the-top, but once again, John Richmond is being true to what he’s about, and, as you can see with the smokey eyes and coiffed hair, it’s rock’n’roll. Contrary to popular belief, and Balmain’s much too much rockstar glitter, this type of glam will never go out of style. Girls will always have an urge, like Rihanna, to be bad. And, as you can see by many self-style blogs, not come their hair. Most of all, they want to exude that appeal without really having to do the work. And it’s okay if Richmond is there to provide a bit of support.

Menswear: General Idea

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Before I dive into the jungle known as Milan fashion week, I thought I’d take another minute to recognize Bumsuk Choi’s General Idea. Why now? Well, because if it wasn’t for the blog 00o00, I would not have know what General Idea was. Real talk. My idea of menswear has, for a long time, been a mix of high and low. With brands like General Idea being reserved for stylish men who mix-it-up with H&M or American Apparel, meaning, unless you’re well versed with these lines, you can’t really tell the difference. The type of guys who wear their Comme des Garçons hearts on their sleeves (literally), and own those white-soled black Supra kicks. And I can’t always be bothered trying to figure it out. (‘Where did you get those jeans? That coat? It was from who? Oh blimey!)

But General Idea – and no, it’s not the pink camouflage – is something I would wear. And it makes sense. Its outdoorsy palette, suburban concept, and practicality is refreshing. And the slim cuts would be easy to blend into my wardrobe.

I’d give them ago. They’ve got a slim stock list, you can find some online stores via their website.

Menswear: Christopher Shannon

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If I haven’t covered a lot of menswear during fashion week, it’s not because I don’t want to. It’s just that the womenswear schedule took up so much of my time, and as I said in my last post, it’s impossible to be in multiple places at once. But it’s funny. Because despite the lack of support for menswear in general, that’s where the good stuff is – from a creative standpoint, at least. Like, for instance, Christopher Shannon. This British-based fashion designer isn’t a ‘household’ name simply because he’s not a mainstream brand. Sure, he’s collaborated with luggage maker Eastpak, but he’s street. Maybe too street for some.

I mean, hey,there’s not a lot of guys brave enough to rock a two-tone silk ruffled shirt now, is there. But the detailing is worth noting. And Shannon doesn’t even entertain the ‘men dressing as women’ phenomenon that had people in heat last year. Shannon is very British – no shit – but also against the grain. Don’t expect to see the stereotypical plaid and tartan prints equated with “British style.” I wouldn’t say that it’s hipster, either. Shannon knows his trends (i.e., leather trimmings) but he’s not trying, as I’ve witnessed at New York Fashion Week, surprisingly by mainstream brands.

What most people need to realize, as demonstrated throughout the British designers I’ve covered throughout this series, is that, whether we can afford to wear them or not, there’s a pattern. They haven’t compromised. On another note, I think that should be the beauty of menswear. Taking the simplest element: a pant, jacket, shirt, and finding a way to make it interesting. And whoever gravitates to it – will get it. That’s it.

The video provided is from last season, but allow me to introduce you to the talented Christopher Shannon.

Shout out to Topman for providing the video.

LFW Fall 2011: Meadham Kirchhoff

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Must take note: This collection was heartbreaking. I say that with nothing but compassion. To have been introduced to Meadham Kirchhoff by the likes of Vogue in 2008, to see the fabrics up close, the raw talent, this season is an injustice. I honed Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff as icons, and I meant what I said. Maybe I’m wrong for dwelling in the past, but it is unfair to see the potential in something so great, and then get something rather uninspired. Reds, tweeds, lace, sure, it’s all there. But they can do better. They’ve hit big time, and this is not the time for stagnancy.

They have got to pick it up.

The Meadham Kirchhoff that I love:

reconstructed denim jacket via farfetch

LFW Fall 2011: Basso & Brooke

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Must take note: Two years ago, I was convinced that Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke, the British design-duo behind Basso & Brooke would be fashion superstars. They hit a consecutive peak three collections straight, but I was surprised by their rather low-key presentation this season. Not that it’s sub-par, it’s actually quite warm. The line went from club-kid mania to daytime warrior, there is a strong nature reference. And though the colours are richer, the print is more subtle, and, once again, this is another example of transitioning from short to long. I’d like to think this collection is a tease of what is to come.

Under circumstances like this, all you can do is observe.

LFW Fall 2011: Mary Katrantzou

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Must take note: The first time I came upon Mary Katrantzou, I couldn’t help but think she was jumping on the graphic-print bandwagon. As you can imagine, things have changed. Drastically. Throughout the seasons, Katrantzou has come to own the print. She stays within the confines, preferring to cultivate her art. This is important; many designers of her generation want to be “unpredictable”, which is cool. But why tread into unknown territories?

For this collection, dresses are longer, skirts are structured, and embellishments are “3D”: you can try, if you must, to pluck the flower from the garden, but it is, still, just a dress.

Shout out to FataleFashion for providing the video.

Patterned silk dress via farfetch

Madrid Fashion Week 2011: David Delfin

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Must take note: My eyes are numb from staring at the damn screen all day. With all these fashion weeks – including unknown ones – overlapping each other, how could one not feel an immense amount of pressure to be in different places at once? While waving my pom-pons for those darn British-based designers, I completely overlooked the talent lingering in surrounding areas. Like Madrid. Specifically David Delfin. Just when things were starting to feel a ‘tad’ bit repetitive in London, I came upon this fantastic man who is no spring chicken to the fashion game. He has been in the business since 2001, and his Ready-to-Wear, three seasons strong, has been in New York before coming back to Madrid. For his current collection, the minimalism and stark palette was comparable to that of Jil Sander, while the prints and embellishments were intricate – especially when seen up close. Everything just seemed to flow – effortlessly. And it was a pleasant surprise. Indeed.

LFW Fall 2011: Burberry Prorsum

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Must take note: I wonder if Maggie Cheung (famous Actress) and the beautiful Alexa Chung (famous… famous) coordinated their purses together. After seeing Burberry Prorsum‘s grande spectacle, I wouldn’t be surprised if the front-row was more interesting to look at than the runway itself. ‘Joes’ had the opportunity to gather round Piccadilly Circus to see a livestream of the show, and pieces were “click-to-order” off the runway. The collection was everything you’d expect from Burberry: plaids, bursts of yellow and orange, with a bit of unconventional dalmatian print. But those sapphire coats are stuck on my brain, as were Chung + Cheung’s ice blue pocketbooks, so I thought I’d call them out.

Burberry Prorsum A/W 2011 fashion show

Shout out to maxlinden2630 for providing the video.

LFW Fall 2011: Julien Macdonald

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Must take note: Julien Macdonald had a stellar 2010. Last year, his collection bathed in a sea of disco glamour, but his current looks entailed fur coats over lace minis, and floor-length chiffon dresses worn under leather biker jackets. Macdonald presented his take on the reoccurring leather sleeves trend once again, along with those thigh-high lace-up boots I have yet to get a pair of.

Ribbon detailed fine knit dress via Net-A-Porter