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In Fashion on August 25, 2013 at 9:59 am

Mary Katrantzou floral print jacket
$3,605 –

Preen zip pants

Marc by Marc Jacobs lace up wedge sneaker
$590 –

Musing: Nails down

In Beauty on July 20, 2011 at 8:48 pm

Right about now, and I don’t know why, but everyone of my finger nails are rimmed with black. This always seems to happen with me in London, and picking at dilemma only seems to make it worse. Solution? Tis the weekend for maintenance.

There was a time when I was high maintenance. (And yes, it was a time, considering I have not invested in my appearance since then.) I loved colourful, elaborate nails. Actually, I just loved getting my nails done. By the obvious look of my fingers, even though I live in a ridiculously expensive city, my appearance means more than even the food I consume – that altogether, is another story.

I am 29. Therefore, the days of elaborate designs are done for. But my wardrobe consists of blacks and other muted hues. This means I should probably aim for nail polish that’ll bring out an ounce of my personality.

That said, I am facing a bit of dilemma. While nail design is out of the question, I am determined to wow my colleagues – and strangers alike – with my impeccable taste in branded nail colours.

I am not into glitter, nor am I into reds, pinks or shimmery palettes. But I am into creamy colours. I’m also into the idea of polish by a fashion designer. Chanel? Too played out. Dior, hmm, might do, but not really. Yves Saint Laurent? I’m noticing that one. I was in awe of a limited-edition rich sunshine yellow at Selfridges. Price? £16.50, but it is a showstopper. I may have to consider.

Then there’s Suede by Opi, a forest green that reminds me of colour I bought from Sephora but never wore. I like however, I find it a bit morbid. Yes, morbid. Because beyond my blacks and greys, I am a quirky, silly girl. The last thing I want to do is give off another f**k you vibe.

But then there’s a lovely deep teal blue called Muse by Illamasqua. Very sexy, indeed. Seems to add the right balance between serious and light hearted. I’m confused!

Until I find this acid-orange shade by Givenchy Vernis. Y’know, I like anything Givenchy: make-up, clothes, models, it doesn’t matter. But I really like this creamy orange against my toffee complexion.
Well, I suppose, it’s been narrowed down to two. Which one will I choose, I suppose the saga continues.

Crystal Renn: The fat issue

In Fashion on February 7, 2011 at 10:22 pm

Crystal Renn in French Vogue via Uplift Magazine

The thing about opportunity, is that, in order to get to where you want to be, you have to be hungry. When Renn started, she tried to fit a mold to get “it”. It didn’t work. So, after some intervention and introspection, she realized that the key to success – the prosperous kind, stems from being yourself.

image via judgment of Paris

And that’s when everyone, in need of the next big trend, decided to capitalize on this stunning woman who was above (and beyond) convention. Fair enough.

Upon “being herself,” the fashion world coveted.

Crystal Renn in French Vogue via pics and models

And though she’s met some genuine people along the way, let’s be honest, everyone from Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue to Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel used her as their muse. She was a fashion darling, and to deny that she was a “plus-size” model in the world where the standard is a size 2, at most, would defeat the purpose.

So now, there’s an uproar because Renn has lost weight – albeit the healthy way – but she’s not the juicy image the world has lauded. It’s a frustrating situation, I’m sure.

I will say, as for blaming the media for “pinning the plus-size” label on her head, well, it doesn’t matter. She wanted to be a supermodel, and once again, she saw an opportunity to fill a void. Don’t be ashamed of it, it is what it is. You got what you wanted, Crystal. It’s okay.The only one you’re accountable for, and to, is you. But remember the importance of sewing what you reap.

Shout out to Ford Models for providing the video.

The best sex is Chanel sex

In Fashion, Op Ed. on February 7, 2011 at 4:03 pm

via Refinery29

Yeah right.

Grab bag

In Accessory, Good Look, Shopping on December 22, 2010 at 4:27 pm

I’m a clingy girlfriend – there, I said. But I’m also a loyal one, just ask my bags. I’ve got bags with straps falling off the seams, filled with century stale crumbs and holes leading to wonderland. But that could be because I’m an easy shopper: I see it, I want it, that’s it. Which could be the reason I’m so loyal to my limited bag collection in the first place. I don’t really like shopping for bags, and I’m pretty confident in the type of bag that suits my body type and personality. You’re tall, thin, go with something that slouches around the body. Long straps are sleek. Flexibility is key. Marc by Marc Jacobs is a personal favourite. Chanel, well, I admire that one from a far, and Hermès, well, forget about it. But I digress.

There’s people that collect bags for the sake of it, but this isn’t about that. Nor does it have anything to do with price. Sometimes, you just need a bag you throw over your shoulder and go your way, you know what I mean? Well, okay, you might want to throw a bit of hotness in-the-mix.

I’m a fan of the acclaimed french brand Balenciaga. And even bigger fan of the bags it produces. However, they’ve got an older aesthetic. May not be suitable for someone under 25, unless you’ve got the physique and personality to pull it it off.

This is exactly why I’m a fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs. It’s funky, modern, and extremely affordable. Loving the colour of this one.

I’ve never really had the chance to get into Paul Smith, until now. It’s a timeless brand, that swirl? Sexy. As is this bag. It’s got that quirky graphic in the classy style.

Python is hot. Always has been. And the colour? Stunning. Jerome Dreyfuss is relatively new to me, but by the looks of this one, I could get into it.

Burberry. The brand I could never afford. But it’s a staple if you can actually get your hands on one. This check is more versatile compared to the other ones, along with the colourway.

I’ve always wanted a Mulberry bag. I’ve just never had the opportunity to get one. This Mulberry purse is stunning, kind of young, but fun. And flirty.

Musing: Freja Beha Erichsen

In Fashion Heat, Good Look, Icon, In the Know, model on August 10, 2010 at 9:39 pm

When British Vogue’s Sarah Harris asked supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen how she spent her first pay cheque, the Danish beauty jokingly claimed that she “ blew it all on strippers and cars.” Joke?

No matter. Erichsen is the girl/boy wonder stirring envy among guys, and collecting serious lust points from girls. Much like her predecessor Gia Carangi, this girl is hot, hot heat for putting the rock star back on the runway. There’s a debate, though – she’s thin. Probably too thin. But it’s not her fault, she’s just molded this way. And she’s handsomely pretty. The fashion world and beyond could easily build a Bieber fascination with her. She’s a “woman crush” – with the exception of her boyish sensibility. Who are we kidding, it’s because of it. She’s started a haircut craze, too. Unlike the androgynous Tilda Swinton who is sculpted with curves, Erichsen is as “toothpick” as they come. In a movie, she could be a he playing a she.  And she looks vulnerable. That bad boy/girl chicks aim to tame. (Hmmm, once again, Gia Carangi anyone?)

Erichsen has admitted to wanting a family someday. Probably true. But I doubt it will be conventional. And there’s no time to think about that anyway – she’s having too much fun at the moment. (Despite a drink,  smoke and club-free diet. Well, she’s having fun somehow I’m sure.)

So, OK, Freja. Let us not have any of those tragic lives in our lifetime, all right? You’re fun. You may be a bit lame in the flesh – I don’t know – but you’re a symbolism of a bourgeois rebellion that is keeping fashion interesting. We’re experiencing a grunge/punk resurgence, and that’s you. You weren’t just “plucked”, your trajectory is as strategic the marketing campaign for a Chanel fragrance. Your scent is unique. It’s divine. The top note is husky at first smell; but when you get to the base note – it’s a bed of heavenly petals.

Musing: OH Miley!

In Canadian, Fashion on July 19, 2010 at 7:52 pm

To the young hopefuls squished behind barriers amid the suffocating heat, a hundred yards was as close as they’d ever get to the beloved Hannah Montana star. For me, well, I liked her Chanel clogs. It was the day of the 2010 Much Music Video Awards. Its co-host, Miley Cyrus, was svelte with mannequin-thin legs and teeth so white they looked like clip-on dentures. Dressed in a black fringe dress and bowler hat (I prefer to think of it as the Boy George), it was a strange outfit, but coming from a country-western crooning teen queen, it made sense. There was an array of outfits throughout the night, but the white one, yeah, the one where she looked like a mummy who refused to stay buried instead of “tamed,” and the other one with the knee socks, daisy dukes and head bandana for “partyin’ in the USA”, uh-uh. She needs a new stage stylist. She’s an alright girl. I like her charisma. And she made a good effort to at least appear interested, and her presenter dresses were on point. But unlike Rihanna and Beyonce who wear covetable costumes on stage – to the point that they’re better than their ‘everyday’ clothes – these stage looks were a dud. Katy Perry’s shimmery “California Gurls” get-up was way better than this. (It had me thinking it would be cute to play dress-up in for the boyfriend.)

Even Justin Bieber’s bright blue,outdated, skinny jeans could take a pass. Miley, I know you country singers like a little bit of cheese. But seriously honey, what were you thinking?

Musing: Diane von Furstenberg and Claridge’s Interior design project

In Fashion, Fashion Heat on June 25, 2010 at 4:50 pm

So, as it was, 200 people in the creative industry were exclusively gathered at the Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair, UK in celebration of its design collaboration with fashion design icon Diane von Furstenberg. As you can imagine, all eyes were on Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow who attended the event decked-out in all-black designer ensembles. But there were other, lesser-known attendees that were worthy of at least some fashion nods.  I say, to even be considered for an invitation from Ms. von Furstenberg means you must have sniffed in the right direction, someway, somehow.

Tom Ford is that beautiful man who every joe should aspire to be: sexy, seductive and effortless. You can’t imagine how many women out there gripe at his gayness. But you know, gay or straight, this fashion icon always looks clean, even with a bit of stubble (as seen here). And what’s he wearing? You guessed it, Tom Ford.

Supermodel extraordinaire Natalia Vodianova always radiates. This russian-born princess is a true rags-to-riches story. She’s one of the few catwalkers who has made the successful transition to the fairytale life. Dressed a silk chiffon purple dress with off-white Christian Louboutins, what can you really say about her? And to think that she has two kids.

Sure Mark Ronson has made the best-dressed list of countless men’s magazines. But haven’t you noticed how this awkwardly tall producer pulls off awkwardly tight floods? He’s working that doo-wop style to his advantage.

Ah, Joan Collins, the dynasty queen. She’s the one who made power shoulders and tacky-texan bela beauty a phenomenon. And as you can see, she’s traded in the bouffant for a subtler bob, but she’s still absolutely stunning.

I thoroughly enjoy artist Tracey Emin. She always looks like she’s having fun and she carries off her looks with an immense amount of confidence. In effect her outfits always work.

All I know about Bailey is that she’s a model – of some sort. The Chanel floor-length dress is worth noting. And she’s enviously waif (naturally). Not many can pull off Chanel; either it’s geared towards the haggard and old, or verythin. Preferrably both. Luckly, Bailey falls in the latter category. She did this one well.

Global Musing: Toronto

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I want to say welcome, but that’s kinda lame, so I’ll get to the point.

The brilliant idea of trend spotting switched on a head bulb. I know – don’t ask. The idea of style stocking is so passé that it’s now a washed-out global phenom. Style Photogs are scoring book deals, landing front rows at revered fashion collections, and becoming the point-of-reference for a slew of pop-up Trend agencies.

So why, you ask, would this idea only occur to me now? Well, I scoped it in a certain magazine (that shall be nameless), and I felt it was done so colorfully, so originally but yet, so vaguely, that I had wanted to rip the idea and take it a step further. I want to grab trends from every crevice of the planet. And that, my friends, takes dedication. While I won’t be doing it everyday, I’ll defo be plugging it in once a week (to start). And I have a goal. I won’t share my goal (that’s why it’s a goal), but it’s a feasible one. So here we go.

Toronto guys, for the most part, have an uncategorizable style. One minute it’s eurotrash, the next it’s hipster punk. But lately, the T.O guy’s been rocking a mod-sportif ;  hi-tops – preferably Cr8tive Recs, or Supra – add futuristic funk to an otherwise semi-bland jeans-hoodie combo. Most up-town guys are big on G-Star, but they are, thanks to the cities thriving downtown hipster culture, starting to catch on to American Apparel. But you know, AA’s sweatshirts are being upstaged by the purposely ‘ragged’ staples found at Urban Outfitters or Gap. And that Parisian chic scarf, almost annihilated across the pond, is still going strong here. Distressed Diesel jeans are back with a vengeance, but come to think of it, they never really went anywhere, anyway.

Toronto Ladies are a special bunch. They’re prissy, pretty and completely untouchable. That’s right. They’re shopping like fashion editors. And they’ve ripped their outfits straight off the tear sheets of their favorite society magazines (and H&M) which means they’ve got the confidence to talk their way into the hottest happenings in the city. And not only will you have to buy them (and their crew) drinks and dinner at five-star spots, you’ll have to lavish them with – Marilyn Monroe said it best – Tiffany’s. The T.O girl’s upping Toronto’s ‘it’ style ante with super-short, or maxi-long. She’s got her minx on, she’s a fixture at Sephora and Holt Renfrew. However, vintage is a serious trend in Toronto, and she’s suddenly been empowered by the consignment store. Now, Chanel bags and Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses are right on par with her expenditure budget.

Musing: Chanel

In culture, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, RTW on June 7, 2010 at 12:51 am

Chanel – what I chic name. Then again, I’m attracted to all things chic. The way the name rolls off the tongue is like an ice cube melting in your mouth – the water drizzling down your chin. I’ve noticed, since I’ve been reading archives, Canadian magazines are in love with Chanel. Whether it’s fragrance, cruise collections or runway collections, they’re always front and center of this coveted french atelier.

Admittedly, I’m also a hardcore Chanel fan. Though I’m not sure if it’s more about the man behind the brand than the brand itself. Could it be that Canadian magazine Editors saturate the brand to be closer to him? I mean, Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld is a character all himself. With his starched-high collars, sleek black shades and leather motorcycle gloves emblem, he is the epitome of quintessential chic.

Since falling in love with Goth culture, I’ve noticed the dark underpinnings in his Chanel collections (considering Fendi and his namesake are more commercially appealing). I’m addicted to victorian-ruffled blouses, the monochromatic black scale palette (of course), jabots, admirals, Jacquard prints, brocade – all of it. And the younger Chanel, the ready-to-wear Chanel, exemplifies that gothic element for me. She’s what I aspire to be; mysterious, confident and forward. Obviously not all of it, but it peaks it’s pretty head; a shirt here, pant there, even a tweak in it’s traditional tweed jacket.

I’ve made an official claim that I’ll be sitting front and centre at the fashion world’s most sought-after collections, starting this year. And Chanel is not, by no means, exempt from this promise. I better get busy, I have a lot of work to do.

Swathed in black fabric, the way I like it.

The man of my dreams? Not quite, but he’ll do for now.