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Pendleton Woolen Mills – The Portland Collection

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In October of last year, I browsed the racks of a popular Toronto thrift store called Black Market Vintage looking for a garment that spoke to me. I had passed the store a couple of times, but admittedly, I was never drawn to it. When it comes to thrift shopping, I prefer strategically merchandised spaces that stimulate my senses with floral scents and pretty attendants. Black Market Vintage, located on the ‘commercial’ side of Queen Street West, is plopped between a sushi restaurant and a local homeless crew – hounds included. I’m not sure why I decided to sneak a peak that day, but I am happy I did.

As I looked through the racks, I was immediately entranced by a cropped fuchsia-orange Navajo print jacket. It was $10 (CAD). I didn’t hesitate. I felt I had landed on a goldmine. When I wore it to work the next day, I was spoiled with compliments. On my way home, a young, stylish man asked me if my coat was from “Opening Ceremony.” Of course not! “Well you look like a million bucks,” he told me. I couldn’t be happier.

When I got home I checked the label. It read Pendleton Woolen Mills, presumably from the 90s. And unbeknownst to me, it was a hot ticket item. Sometimes, style is imminent isn’t it…

Now, the Navajo print, specifically from Pendleton, is a must-have among men and women. I came across a post from Selectism featuring a look book from Pendleton’s Fall 2011 release titled The Portland Collection.

Designed by Nathaniel Crissman, Rachel Turk and John Blasioli, The Portland Collection is a stunning assortment of pleats and wool plaids using classic fabrics and colour ways with a ‘designer feel and urban sensibility.’ The trio has taken the concept to new levels allowing for day-to-night wear ability, an advancement from the rugged, work wear practicality it’s known for. And the prices are top-tier: dresses go for $200 (USD), while outerwear can fetch up to $700 (USD). Luckily, there is a full range of pants, signature ponchos and accessories to choose from. And if the buzz is there, the brand hopes to stock the collection at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Barneys Co-op Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. A far fetch from the underground treasure where I found my gem, that’s for sure.

As the power of thrift would have it, I do own a few Pendleton pieces. But at a convention in March, while browsing the aisles, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a stall decorated in a sea of coats, blankets, bags and clothing – all Pendleton. I met the lovely reps for Pendleton Canada hoping to be able to work with them somehow, but it was a transitional time and it didn’t happen. Regardless, even though I now live in the UK, I hope to keep the Pendleton tradition alive.

The images from the look book are clean. The red plaid items – including the men’s shirt, dress and tie – are key pieces. The greyscale Navajo print poncho and body bags are ones-to-watch.

However, and I will be honest, had I styled the look book, I would have used a certain model friend, and the backdrop would have been The Berry Botanic Garden, a historical botanical garden in southwest Portland. I would have captured the heart of the brand and its origin in its entirety. Maybe next time, I suppose. Shout out to uristocrat for providing the images, which were taken by Chris Hornbecker .

See more of my favourite Pendleton pieces on my TUMBLR

Get my look: Chloé girl

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Courtesy of Chloé

Pretty is in. And it’s not my thing, but if it comes in the form of this Chloé evening lambskin bag (named Rachel), then I’ll reconsider. It’s all in the strap. The taupe-y, beige-y colour isn’t bad either. Actually, I’m not gonna lie, it’s stunning. But I’d pair it down.

available at Colette.

Give me a pair of loafers, preferably some suede loafers by Timberland (in collaboration with Stussy) and I’m good to go.

You see, you don’t have to be afraid of streetwear wear. You just have to know how to work it. Besides, a high-fashion brand such as Chloé has always had a street edgy anyway. Currently headed by Hannah Macgibbon, this coveted fashion brand was once under Stella McCartney’s design pen who designs for adidas.

As for Timberland, it’s more known for it’s lumberjack emblem than anything, but throw hardcore Stussy – a hardcore, Cali-based street brand – into the mix, and it’s a beautiful concoction.

I should also mention the shades. Acetate. Clear. Trends, trends, trends!

Menswear: General Idea

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via Getty

Before I dive into the jungle known as Milan fashion week, I thought I’d take another minute to recognize Bumsuk Choi’s General Idea. Why now? Well, because if it wasn’t for the blog 00o00, I would not have know what General Idea was. Real talk. My idea of menswear has, for a long time, been a mix of high and low. With brands like General Idea being reserved for stylish men who mix-it-up with H&M or American Apparel, meaning, unless you’re well versed with these lines, you can’t really tell the difference. The type of guys who wear their Comme des Garçons hearts on their sleeves (literally), and own those white-soled black Supra kicks. And I can’t always be bothered trying to figure it out. (‘Where did you get those jeans? That coat? It was from who? Oh blimey!)

But General Idea – and no, it’s not the pink camouflage – is something I would wear. And it makes sense. Its outdoorsy palette, suburban concept, and practicality is refreshing. And the slim cuts would be easy to blend into my wardrobe.

I’d give them ago. They’ve got a slim stock list, you can find some online stores via their website.

If I were a boy…

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I’d be ecstatic to learn about the introduction of Net-A-Porter‘s baby brother – Mr. Porter, which launches tomorrow. Although the selection of designers will be the same to that of its competitors, the Porter brand is known for its impeccable presentation when it comes to delivery and service.

Mr. Porter will also come equipped with an online magazine, a personal stylist and a wealth of other features for those ‘searching for style’. Trust that after checking out the site, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a debonair in its purest form.

Yves Saint Laurent cuban heel boots

Gucci v-neck merino wool sweater

Paul Smith striped leather wallet

Lanvin patent leather oxfords

LFW Fall 2011: Sass & Bide

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via Getty

Must take note: Tribal, tribal, tribal! The lovely Sass & Bide girls have been trying to get the point across. But people don’t seem to be listening! It’s time to take notice of such a commanding concept. Also, suede, it could be – well – kind of heavy to wear top-to-bottom as demonstrated in this collection, but it’s a daring move. And there’s this diagonal slit – from the thigh down. I loved it in the late `90s, and you know what, I could get into it once again. Maybe.

Cropped beaded tee via Glassworks Studios

‘Essence & Attitude’ dress via farfetch

Clash of the prints: Gregory Parkinson

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I’m just about tired of prints. I’ve been talking about them since 2009 and yet, people only seem to be catching on to them phenom now. However, when it comes to Gregory Parkinson, another English designer, whose prints incorporate solid palettes and layers of lace, I realize why I just can’t let go.

I prefer Duro Olowu

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Amid the celebrity circus of New York Fashion Week, I’m starting to realize the best moments are the hidden away ones. Those underrated designers praised for their intricate techniques and strong-willed integrity.

The London-based Duro Olowu is one of those designers. Just because you didn’t see Ms. Wintour make an appearance, it doesn’t mean that his clothes haven’t graced Vogue‘s pages. They probably have multiple times. And it’s because Olowu is challenges himself, buyers, customers with cultural references. He is a black designer, inspired by black culture, but you can’t look at his collection and not see the widespread appeal his clothing has.

His fall 2011 collection was held at Milk Studios. And the his muses, as told to Tim Black of, were black women in “James Van Der Zee‘s photographs of Harlem in the thirties.” If you have a look at the legendary photographer’s work, that’s not an easy inspiration to come by. For Van Der Zee’s photographs seems to illicit the type of emotion that is searching for a gleam of hope amid depression and darkness.

Jean-Michel Basquiat via hot parade

I noticed this when I first came upon the infamous Jean-Michel Basquiat portrait his did before the art died (of a drug overdose). A helpless soul yet an art prodigy and superstar in his own right.

Needless to say, Mr. Olowu’s collection is optimistic. and it’s glamourout with its fur trims, suede and luxurious prints. The bias-cuts dresses and, in particular – a stunning yellow and brown print dress with slight mermaid flair – were highlights this season.

This is what it makes me think about…

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Andrè Walker (taken by Todd Selby)via the TIWIMUTA blog.

Nothing. OK. I lied.

I came upon an article in the New York Times on fashion eccentric – like, really eccentric – Andrè Walker and I had a flash “Hey, isn’t that the guy who still lives at his mom’s house?” Yeah, I read that somewhere, but because I wasn’t sure if it was him, it persuaded me to put my journalistic inclinations to use and dig.

People know him as the guy who tried, but failed, to revive WilliWear after its owner Willi Smith, died of AIDS in 1987. He then moved to Paris and and lived-it-up with Patrick Kelly (expect to see a post on him on this blog), another prominent (black) designer who died of AIDS in 1990. But don’t think Walker was down on his luck. This kid is a child prodigy having been in the fashion circuit since he was 12. So, with all the influential people in his circle, of course you could expect that he’d land gigs as Creative Director by the likes of Marc Jacobs and Kelly Jones. Oh, and let’s not forget the residency at the Matress Factory, an installation that infused fashion, art and culture into a kaleidoscope of jibberish.

TIWIMUTA via Nowness

But things really started to get ridiculous with TIWIMUTA, an acronym for This Is What It Made Us Think About, which happens to be a somewhat annual-ish- art publication. As Walker has stressed – though people haven’t really been listening – it is not a fashion magazine. It’s an influx of ideas, a collaboration of minds from people in his circle. And there’s a lot of great people involved: Jean-Paul Goude and Ryan McGinley, and aforementioned designers Marc Jacobs and Kim Jones.

via T Magazine.

But did I mention that the first issue was $375? Yeah, and the second issue was $195. Both editions were sold at Colette, Marc Jacobs stores, Barneys New York. I mean, I’ve spent $100 on a Phaidon or Taschen art book. And fashion books. But this book actually be worth the scrilla.


Think about it, but only if you’re a knee-deep enthusiast for this type of thing. Andrè Walker can afford to be Andrè Walker. Living this, not so much nomadic lifestyle, but one filled with inspiration. He’s from the generation of fashion (people) who rode high with the cliques, made clothes that didn’t have to sell, and still maintain relationships with people who allowed them to be wreckless for their art. In this day and age, when it’s all about numbers, stats, fiscals, Walker’s school is about emotion, creativity at its most authentic.

via T Magazine.

So yeah, you know, don’t get caught-up in the ‘pretense’ of it all, but rather, a very important piece of history.

And yes. Walker does live with his parents, still.

Fall 2011 ‘starring’ Jeremy Scott

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NY Fashion Week Fall 2011 – Jeremy Scott


and Pearls

*All images via

What can I say? Jeremy Scott was born to do this.

Starring by Jeremy Scott Part 1

Starring by Jeremy Scott Part 2

Scott’s 2010 appearance on The Young & the Restless. And the only time I’ve ever really cared to watch the show.

Shout out to FashionISM and TheYRFan09 for providing the videos.

Trend reports: Tribal prints

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I’m in a bit of a rush – :S – but I’ll give a more in-depth look on some of this later. In the mean time… get buying!

Via Vlisco

Via Vlisco

COTÉLACskirt via Farfetch