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Spotted: Pucci thigh-high, lace-up boots

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Admit it. Those shoes, otherwise known as hooker boots, are the business. I’ve had an infatuation with them since walking into Stepz at Dufferin Mall months ago. I’ve just been waiting for the right time. It wasn’t until today, upon reading a post by Fashionising, that I realized that the thigh-high, lace-up is about to have a big moment.

So, you can two one of two things. Maybe both. Buy yourself a pair of these off-the-runway Pucci lovelies. Or, you can get yourself some hotties that are just as sexy without breaking the bank. I’d do both. But my budget only calls for the cheaper option.

4 1/2 inches of absolute sexiness. And for about 180 USD at Why not? They’re synthetic and black, compared to the warm suede brown Pucci ones, but they’re still irresistible.
Or, you can go with the real leather option with these thigh-high bitches by Joie. Get them at Saks. Either way, it’s the same damn effect, isn’t it?

Shoes for him: Gift guide for me

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I’ve got style, which makes difficult buying something for a guy. You’d think it be easy, but not all guys dress like Kanye West. It’s one thing to see something and say “Oh my gosh, he should would love this.” But what he should do verses the reality can be apples and vodka shots. Ah, I digress. In the ideal world, “his” style is a reflection of mine. That said, I’m compiling this gift guide on the basis that he’d love most, if not all, the things I bequeath. Our closets would be one in the same. (considering the whole boyfriend trend going around, trust that this does happen).

I thought I’d start with shoes, because at least think I can confirm that shoes have held importance to most men I’ve attracted or been attracted to. And, quite possibly, I’ve always felt if you that if you can connect with your taste in shoes, you both may be on your way to a fruitful future.

Can’t really go wrong with Chucks, ever. Sure they have a strong `80s aesthetic, but they’re still understated. Just a second look until you’d realize there’s patent embellished on the ankles. I think they also came in all-black, but they’ve long sold out. Not bad in price either 65 GBP.

Cute. Masculine, hence why I prefer the wine hue, but chic. I notice that as some men get hold, there’s this desire to ‘shed’ the streetwear image they one coveted. Sneakers become something you’d rather wear to the laundry mat, rather an authentic fashion statement. But as for me, no matter how many heels, boots and shoes mount up in my closet, I will always be a lover of sneakers. But I can appreciate upgrade their street appeal, with shoes such as these.

Who is Thomas Erber and what is Le Cabinet de Curiosités? I had no idea until I came across these lovelies. I’ve always wanted a pair of shoes similar to these (available for 900 euros exclusively at Colette), and by the price of these, I suppose they’ll remain on my dream list of quite a while. And so it remains for him as well.

Oh yes, one of the sexiest shoes I’ve seen yet. I hold these Lanvin plaid sneakers close to my heart. And admittedly, if I had to choose, I’d go with me, and the boyfriend would get a box of coal. Christmas is a about giving, I know, but for 1517 euros, I’d have to be whipped.

These hunting boots remind me of Moccasins. Oh and wait, what do you know. As stated in the description “The true moccasin boots are finished with leather laces, cream leather gusset tongue, leather lining, cushioned leather insole, heel pulls and a sports crepe sole.” They certainly do have a feminine flair, but they look durable. Besides, one should never judge the outer appearance, as they say.

Stay tuned for part II, I think that one will be… the coat.

Steal: Evening dresses

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I may be young, but when it comes to clothes, I’m not delusional. Most of the time. As much as I can imagine myself in an over-the-top designer dress, I know how to find my favorite brands at reasonable prices too. And still set the trend, if I must add.

The thing about designer, is that minimalism isn’t an issue. You could be bare feet with a plastic bag, and you’ll still look dope. Reason being is because designer means quality – it’s not rocket science. So while we’d love to spend $1,000+ on that dazzling couture piece, we can still look on point in less than a fraction of the price. On top of that, adorned in clothes by some of the hottest designers in the fashion bible hot list.

OK, OK, wait a minute, here. A 100% silk dress by Swedish it-brand ACNE for under $250? And where can I get that? Coggles you say? Is that not a steal? And they have my size? If you – or me for that matter – don’t get on this, well have to resort to rags. This doesn’t happen very often… if ever.

Alexander Wang, in my opinion, is the Alfred Sung of his generation. This 26-year-old fashion prodigy has received accolades from Vogue, and is top-tier to celebrities around the world. That said, to own anything by Mr. Wang is a treat. And if it’s under $200, say no more. Even if it is his secondary line.

What more do you need in a TWENTY8TWELVE dress? It’s super-mini, and it’s pink. Nicki Minaj, eat your socks. And it’s roughly under $250 (CDN).

One thing you’ll have to realize: when it comes to cost-effective designer dresses, there’s less fabric to work with. But it’s okay, it’s worth it. You’ve got the body, the look and the attitude, and a little minus degree whether won’t kill you, right? Who wouldn’t wear this grey scale body-con dress by Jonathan Saunders. I thought grey was the new black. And apparently it’s 199.50 (USD), not even $200. Go for it.
Sportmax, a subsidiary of the MaxMara empire is constant in Vogue‘s pages. Does that mean anything, well yes, it does. it’s the originator in sport-motif chic. Minimal construction, and fine detail. And to top if off, for about $250 USD, you’re getting a 2-for-1 deal, a dress and bolero in a navy hue. OK. I meant three.

Musing: Moises de la Renta

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It’s one thing to be a talented black man, but a talented black who’s ‘heir’ to the throne of a revered couturier? To call life a colorful soirée of  dainty-ism is probably an understatemet. But despite his rising fashion icon success, he comes across as a down-to-earth guy. After reading this, he’d probably roll his eyes. He’s probably not really interested in being perceived as a ‘black man in fashion’ anymore than just a fashion man.

But we already know fashion’s limited circle of authentically talented black professionals, and it doesn’t take even the common-est commoner to understand that the fashion world can be an air-headed balloon at least 99.9 % of the time. But Monsieur de la Renta’s adding his flair, and it’s all worth noting.

I’m not really a fast-fashion type of gal, okay – well, maybe I am. But  you know, special collabs or not, buying H&M just because Stella McCartney spiced it up can’t really get me on the wagon. Unless of course,  there’s some seriously breath-taking essentials in the collection. Spain-based ‘fast-fashion’ line Mango is not on my list, period. Never has been and may very well never be. However, what I can appreciate is that it produced a collaboration that introduced me to this fashionisto in the making. Set aside that he debuted his own last line, MDLR last year, there’s a bigger picture at hand.

What I’m seeing is a new and refreshing school of fashion leaders. He’s been on the radar of fashion bibles, but now, he’s on his way to become an established and accessible name to kids outside The Hills crowd. And that’s kind of a big deal.

So here it is folks, here’s a glimpse of some limited edition T-Shirts, de la Renta has designed for Mango. Kinda cute, no?


In the Know: Christian V Siriano for Payless?

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If you’ve been going gaga over Alexander McQueen’s hoofs, then you’ll probably love the next best thing: Christian Siriano’s Payless collection. And why not? Every girl needs a taste in luxury sometimes.

The curvy, sexy shoe comes in three colourways available for $79.99 (USD). My preference would be the aqua-coloured pump. However, as much as I’m down with fast fashion, I do have a qualm.

 I love shoes (as does every woman, right?). But do I love Payless? Sure I did – back in the day. But think about the quality reality of Payless: low-grade leather which leads to smelly feet, and poor construction which means if you’re lucky you’ll get a good three months out of it. Honestly, I don’t believe in spending more than $30.00 on a Payless shoe – limited edition or not – and I certainly think that if it’s not inked with a specialty shoe store, even frickin’ H&M (which is not a shoe store but is the hotness for fast-fashion), then it’s not something to swoon over.

I could be wrong. I’ve never invested in a Christian Siriano before nor have I heard of him prior to Nitrolicious, so,  this may be worth while. And I’m sure girls will lining outside a Payless based off the strength of visual aesthetic alone, anyway.

Fashion Budgetista – River Island

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For this issue I wanted to present three looks: The working woman, the hot date, and the casual chick (exactly in that order ). Most times it’s extremely frustrating having to go to multiple stores just to find one right outfit; let alone with limited funds. For this issue I wanted to present three high-street stores that offer everything you need. The only problem is that there’s located in London, UK. But that’s okay. All you need to do is gain some inspiration. Pick up a fashion magazine – or read this blog – and you’ll be thoroughly surprised that everything you need is right in front of you.

River Island is not underrated by any means. When I lived in London, it was the rant amongst my friends. It’s pieces made it in even high-end fashion publications, and the store traffic could easily bring about a certain amount of head spin. It had great pieces for men and women, and high-street brand H&M wasn’t even serious competition. River Island has got edge and it’s very London. It’s hard to come stores that are able to deliver fashion at this multitude…

Best Bets- The Coats & Jackets

Fashion Budgetista – Oasis

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A favorite amongst Fashion Editors, Oasis is constantly coming up with highly fashionable yet reasonably priced pieces. It’s one of the few stores in the UK that offers one-stop-shopping with all the latest trends in tact.

Best Bets – Dresses

Fashion Budgetista – Dorothy Perkins

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With a tinge of Ready-to-Wear inspiration, Dorothy Perkins is one of the UK’s hottest High-street brands. They rip the sidewalk like haute couture designers rip-the-runway, and when prices are marked down, it’s shopping on a budget heaven.

Best Bets – Earrings

Winter Shops – Canada Goose

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Canada Goose has been in the extreme cold outerwear business for over 50 years, and according their website: “Our collection of down-insulated, technical and travel inspired outerwear will protect you in conditions that range from the mind-numbing cold of Antarctica to the gale force winds on the North Sea.”

The coats are generally made from poly-nylon fabrics to nylon plain with coyote trimmed, removable hoods. They also tend to include fleece-lined handwarmer pockets which are a God-sent for people like me; I always loose my gloves.

 It’s shameful that I live in Toronto and have never owned a Canada Goose, as even many Canadian celebrities including Rapper/Singer K-OS is known to sport the brand in his music videos.

I believe their competition – with the exception of the aforementioned posts –  is second to none. And I remember seeing CG all over the streets of Paris when I was there, leading me to believe that I had to get my hands on this historic brand for myself.

Mystic Parka – $625(CAD)

Icicle Vest – $308.95(CAD)

Antarctic Expedition Parka – $479.99(CAD)
expedition parka cg55

Winter Shops – The North Face

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Over the years, outerwear specialists The North Face has gone from a standardized ski-bunny brand to producing a more fashion-forward selection.

The coats are  made from breathable waterproof/windproof fabric and insulated and vary in down-fill (the more puff, the more down). The other benefit is that rather than looking like a mountain climber, the coats are slim-fitted and sleek. If you’re keen on colour and a fun-filled look, go with the ski-collection, but if you’re looking for a refined appeal, opt for the long down-filled parka in black.

Triple C Jacket – $299 (USD)


Fates Down Jacket – $429(USD)

Hayden Jacket – $279 (USD)