Spotted: Pucci thigh-high, lace-up boots

In affordable, Good Look, sexy, Shoes, Trend, Trend Report on December 9, 2010 at 10:12 pm

Admit it. Those shoes, otherwise known as hooker boots, are the business. I’ve had an infatuation with them since walking into Stepz at Dufferin Mall months ago. I’ve just been waiting for the right time. It wasn’t until today, upon reading a post by Fashionising, that I realized that the thigh-high, lace-up is about to have a big moment.

So, you can two one of two things. Maybe both. Buy yourself a pair of these off-the-runway Pucci lovelies. Or, you can get yourself some hotties that are just as sexy without breaking the bank. I’d do both. But my budget only calls for the cheaper option.

4 1/2 inches of absolute sexiness. And for about 180 USD at Why not? They’re synthetic and black, compared to the warm suede brown Pucci ones, but they’re still irresistible.
Or, you can go with the real leather option with these thigh-high bitches by Joie. Get them at Saks. Either way, it’s the same damn effect, isn’t it?

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