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Fashion Icon – Tim Blanks

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Tim BlanksOnce the voice synonymous with the much-loved (and now defunct) Fashion File, Mr. Blanks is every meaning of a true Fashion Journalist. He’s not a flamboyant person (you won’t see him splashed all over the media) but when you read just a few of his words, his intelligence and in-depth knowledge of the fashion world is absolutely astounding.

Since leaving FF, he’s been titled Editor-At-Large of Toronto’s Flare Magazine and Contributing Editor at

Fashion Icon – Suzy Menkes

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Suzy MenkesMs. Pompadour (as this is her signature hairstyle) is a Paris-based Fashion Reporter known for her work (and I mean work) with the   International Herald Tribune she’s been writing for the paper since 1988.

Besides writing for the IHT,  she’s also written five books including one on Fashion Designer Hussein Chalayan.

Fashion Icon – Alexandra Shulman

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Alexandra Shulman
Ms. Shulman may be the more underrated of the three on an international level, but I can attest by personal experience that she’s one of the best, and most fierce Fashion Journalists in existence.

Initially wanting to work for a record label but learning quickly she wasn’t cut of for the job, in 1982 she got her break as a Staff Writer for society magazine Tatler. She then moved on to the Sunday Telegraph (also home to Fashion Journalist Hilary Alexander 1987. During the `90s, she was the Editor for men’s magazine GQ then on to her appointment as Editor of British Vogue 1992 and the magazine has flourished ever since.

Even though her regular column in the Daily Mail has been dropped, you can still get access to her exuberant articles in its archive.


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Winter time is coming, and for this issue I wanted to give you ins-and-outs of getting a fabulous coat for the coldest and fashionably perplexing season of the year.

One one hand, winter allows for the opportunity to bundle-fashion multiple trends without looking like a fashion-criminal (because the objective is to be warm, regardless of the layers), however, it’s frustrating because you’re stuck between investing your hard-earn money into that one particular item that will defy all fashion trends for years to come – the winter coat.

Living in Toronto, Canada admittedly for me is frustrating because there really isn’t much of a selection for fashion winter shopping. Which is quite a coincidence because if there’s any place in the world that knows about the cold and fashion – it’s us.

When I lived in London, UK, even the average daily paper (and there were about five or more of them) dedicated at least two pages of fashion spreads from the most expensive to the cheapest yet fashion-forward brands in the city. Here, to utter the word Stitches, Sirens or Suzy Shier(cheaper brands – with the exception of H&M or Zara) amongst the fashion elite is to draw a pitiful glare. (So, when I finally find the right images, I promise to post some great product shops from these “lesser valued” brands.)

But for me, as much as I have deep admiration for the high-end designer, until I have enough disposable income that I can afford to take care of my responsibilities (mortgage, car, and other bills), donate to charity, travel and still have money left over, it’s really not feasible to purchase a luxury coat in replacement for something much more practical. But that’s why I enjoy looking. I get inspiration from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Stefano Pilati, and Riccardo Tisci. I’m also proud of Michael Kors for creating different tiers for his broad range of clientele. And while I’d love the idea of wearing a cashmere-blend wool coat, or a goat fur peacoat, or, a silk-blend cape – which would all look luxurious on while walking through droplets of crystal-like snowflakes – I’ll have to opt for another route, for now.  

Have a Look.


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With these particular coats, while they’re a steal to the average luxury shopper, they’re a bit of a stretch on the cheque book for the rest of us, but they’re worth the investment if you’d like to keep them in your closet for longer than the current season. I’d like to think that these are not too dated; they’re more like timeless pieces that look fab, have a bit of edge and are made by some recognized fashion brand.

It’s good to mix and match your wardrobe. The key is to make sure that if you’re going to break the bank, make sure that the winter coat has all the proper commodities (can you wear it for at least two to three years?).

Have a look.


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These are an absolute steal. And when I say that, I mean it from the bottom of my fashion-obsessed heart. It took a lot of  frustration, countless browsing, and digging through dozens of online stores to get these fashion finds, but believe me, it was well worth it.

Have a Look.


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You’ll practically have to claw your way through a legion of fashion-crazed zombies for these babies, but believe me, when you get your hands on them, it was well-worth the battle.

There’s affordable and then there’s just plain ridiculous – ridiculously cheap. Normally cheap is equated to ugly, but that’s not always the case. If you’re on the look out, and you have a keen eye for trends and a confident sense of style, low-end price-points and lesser known brands can contribute to a killer outfit.

Definitely recession proof.


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It’s important to understand that it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. While it is true that you get what you pay for, you also have to be realistic with what your money can afford to buy you. Most women love to ogle over Christian Louboutins shoe pornography, and we’re constantly exposed to the foot candy in the prices beyond our monthly salary. But, being a fashion person – a Fashionista – is a lot more than just having something for having sake.

I remember buying shoes from China town for less than a mean at a restaurant and getting loads of compliments. I still have that power, even in my wardrobe of choice (admittedly, I have a love for vintage plaid shirts, my over-sized H&M scarf, my leggings from Walmart and my jacket from Primark), but throw in a key item (my Michael Kors wellies) and I’m good to go. I can buy fashion magazines for days, and when I read the content, it only makes me respect the designers more, but even though I’m surrounded by fashion almost twenty-four hours a day, I really don’t feel compelled to stretch beyond my means. Well, luckily, every time I do, a good friend keeps me in check.

These buys are just as good.


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Let’s face it – we all love to splurge. Every once in a while, we become fixated on the latest fashion “must-have” of the season. All we can think about is how wonderful it would be to own that luxury item far beyond our means. Even if it has no purpose in our lives what-so-ever, we’d love to feel like a lottery ticket even if only for 24 hours.

Well, go ahead and indulge.

I Heart Erdem

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His real name is Erdem Moralioglu but his collection is known simply as Erdem. He’s a Canadian-born, London-based Fashion Designer known for exploded floral prints on Victorian-style dresses. He’s also one of the few to capitalize off of the fact that Canada has definitely got talent – though we tend to go quite un-noticed in the mainstream world. Either that, or once we reach a certain peak, we tend to leave our Canadian roots at the border replacing it with a more internationally recognized  migration status.

But Erdem has been one to watch since 2005. And thanks to his immaculate eye for colour and grandeur, he’ll be one to keep an eye on for a long time to come.