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Bomber vs Bomber

In Fashion on May 7, 2012 at 6:57 pm

Silk bomber with leather sleeves by Religion from Coggles.

I’m attached to a great textured bomber I got from the Swedish brand COS. It’s a sexy mélange gradient tone. It’s got matte press-studs down the front and raglan sleeves. What I love the most is that I haven’t seen a single person in my jacket yet.

After writing about the black-on-black Varsity coat, that is, of course, when it becomes omnipresent. And now, it could be loosing its lustre. I haven’t decided. Perhaps I’m not keen on how I’ve seen it worn.  It’s either too low grade, or… I’m just not convinced. But, with the bomber, I suppose it’s sexier.

Silk Acne bomber from my-wardrobe

I’ve been having a bit of a rockabilly moment. I don’t dress like one, but I admire their style. I find it fascinating how people can be stuck in a modern-day time warp with the quiffs, Levis, exaggerated eye liner (for the girls). I really love it. And though I don’t think this is a style I would emulate to the fullest, I would pull some pointers for sure.

Michelle Pfeiffer and the ganger in Grease 2.

That said, I guess both the bomber and the varsity fall into that whole rockabilly category. Which means, I have no interest in wearing it in its relevant context. And when I say that, I mean, I notice a lot of young Londoners infusing their hip-hop hipster style with the jacket. I don’t like it. But then again, for some reason, I don’t necessarily like seeing guys in purple either.

Stolen Girlfriend’s Club bomber from Suprette 

The only other alternative for me, is if it had a punk edge to it

Image pulled from Ahoodie

I suppose, rockabilly is a combination of 1950s style and punk, but then, that’s just my observation. But I can’t help but think the bomber will be around way longer than the varsity/letterman will.

ACNE Silk Bomber vs NIKE Destroyer Varsity

In Fashion on May 3, 2012 at 5:58 pm

Because I love ACNE


But this NIKE varsity Jacket is just so me.


I think this time, this one time, I may just go have to DESTROY the indesicive thoughts. It’s everything I envisioned.

Word repressed

In Fashion on April 12, 2012 at 1:23 pm

That’s what I call WordPress. Fuck. People kept telling me they couldn’t link to my blog and when I went myself to check, it like, disappeared!  At that point I was like ‘fuck it’ because it wasn’t like I had time to write anything anyway (which is ironic, ‘cos I write all the time). But  when I kept getting domain renewal notices (basically wanting to me to pay for a blocked blog), I couldn’t help but send the people in WordPress Wonderland  a somewhat annoyed, but short, email. The response: my blog was categorized as ‘spam’. Right. So let me get this straight. I’ve had this blog since `09, never had a problem, and then it just somehow, someway gets flagged and no one behind the pearly gates even bothered to contact me? Lucky for them I have a Tumblr account.

Anyway, I am not a blogger. So I consider blogging a luxury at this point in time. But I’ve been power-tripping a bit lately. I told HSBC they were a bunch of pimps and prostitutes (they closed my bank account ahead of the scheduled closing date). I told the lazy leeches at the Royal Mail  they’re postage scam artists (I was expecting first-class post that came on fourth-class delivery), I told a truly wonderful male friend he had a vagina complex and I’ve spent hours daydreaming about ACNE, Givenchy (of course), Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino (it’s been confirmed that I have an actual ‘type’ – especially if they’re black. Nerdy, brown skinned, thick-rimmed glasses prone, hoody wearing, you’re it!) and a sea of living and breathing Adonises. Yes, statuesque hard-bodies with nice faces. I guess nothing’s really changed, has it. But the former (and quite possibly the latter) can be interpreted in two ways: I’m bitter, or I  need sex. Hopefully neither. I shouldn’t need sex, I am sex.

If I were a boy…

In Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look on February 7, 2011 at 4:22 pm

and even if I wasn’t, I would damn well wear these.

ACNE x THIERRY LASRY Helvin Sunglasses via Colette

Lanvin Tennis Haute Sneakers via ssense

Bape Octopus Tailor Camo Manhunt Boots via Highsnobiety

Fellas, get it right.

Good Look: Acne Pre-Fall 2011

In Fashion on February 1, 2011 at 4:02 am

Do me a favour: Listen to this song while looking at the campaign. It adds to the effect. Music: You Be Killin ‘Em by Fabolous. Trust me.

Now press play:




You wassup girl. Ain’t gotta ask it

I get ’em all now. Hop outta caskets

They should arrest you. Or whoever dress you

Ain’t tryna stress you. But I’mma let you know girl you be killin ’em

She worth every cent. She look like the best money I ever spent.

Just watchin my cutie pie gettin beautified. Make me want better jewels, a newer ride.

Her feet are killing her, I call it shoe-icide!

Images via

Shout out to Acne for being one of the hottest brands to have existed. It’s no wonder why Acne is one of my favourite brands. And it’s no wonder why I’m down for Jonny Johansson. Congrats Tali, you did well.

Shout out to Latest Video Lyrics for, well, the lyrics.

And finally, shout out to TheLyricsMen on providing the beats. Note: If you are not into hip-hop, do not click. Thank you!

Re-Cap: Men’s Fashion Week

In Collection, designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Men on January 24, 2011 at 5:47 pm

There were too many collections to keep track. And though I loved them all, I had to narrow it down to the ones that stood out to me. And even if they didn’t, there was something strong in their message. Something worth noting.

Versace menswear – Fall/Winter 2011-2012

The new trend: Blue

Blue is back, but with a lot more panache than the denim that inundated fashion last year. Blue – this year – is royal; soothing, much like the exquisite beaches in Aruba. Donatella Versace did a beautiful rendition of blue in swathed sweaters and fine-tailored suits, while Dries Van Noten, though not a standout in the collections, did a beautiful number on those double-breasted wool-blend coats. But Acne was, by far, the best collection in this department. Jonny Johansson, creative director behind the brand, complemented the hue with the minimalism trend giving it a very contemporary appeal.

Paul Smith menswear – Fall/Winter 2011-2012

The new trend: Orange

Last year it was burnt sienna, but this year, it’s a full-out ode to the hue representing enthusiasm and creativity. Ann Demeulemeester, mostly known for her dark design concepts, threw in punches of orange as show here, while Kenzo enriched the colour with a bit of berry. Paul Smith, otherwise known for his whimsy multi-coloured stripes, added a bit of edge to his collection, but threw in orange for good measure. It definitely worked.

Givenchy menswear – Fall/Winter 2011-2012

The new trend: Graphic print

Alright, this is not particularly a new trend. But, it is one that designers want you to understand. Yohji Yamamoto did what appears to be an ode to the late Alexander McQueen, you know, the gorgeous art of the medieval era, Sir McQueen was so good at – but, in true Yamamoto fashion – a bit of whimsical flair lightening things up. It is fashion at its peak, but still wearable for those into making statements through their clothes. I have said, for a long time, that I am in love with Riccardo Tisci. This has not changed, and neither has my love for his design hand at Givenchy. With its incorporation of pitbulls, Jesus and chains, this collection was very west-coast, very “hood,” and an interesting cross-over into more accessible fashion. As for Jean-Paul Gaultier, the man who gets his inspiration from the street, there was nothing new. But that’s okay, Mr. Gaultier played on his strengths: prints, sexuality and fantasy. But his way with prints, in this case, is indisputable.

Burberry Prorsum menswear – Fall/Winter 2011 2012

The new trend: gray, hats, bags

The thing about this, is that there’s too many to just single out one. When I look at the hats – especially in the Dior Homme collection – it’s an easy ode to Indiana Jones. But, when I look at them, I think of the late, absolutely great Michael Jackson. He lives on through fashion. And the way the hats tilt (as seen in Lanvin), concealing the eyes just so, it is an obvious reference. As for gray, the colour representing sorrow, security and maturity, rather than dwell on the bad, let us think of it for its security. It’s dependability. And, better yet, as seen in Burberry Prorsum, its sleekness. “Manbags” – feared by men across the globe at first, are now bigger than ever. To the point of commonality. But unlike the men in skirts trend last year, this one is nothing to be ashamed of. And as the trend develops, it learning to take on a masculinity of its own.

Steal: Evening dresses

In affordable, dress, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Shopping, steal, Trend, Trend Report, Wish List on December 7, 2010 at 7:10 pm

I may be young, but when it comes to clothes, I’m not delusional. Most of the time. As much as I can imagine myself in an over-the-top designer dress, I know how to find my favorite brands at reasonable prices too. And still set the trend, if I must add.

The thing about designer, is that minimalism isn’t an issue. You could be bare feet with a plastic bag, and you’ll still look dope. Reason being is because designer means quality – it’s not rocket science. So while we’d love to spend $1,000+ on that dazzling couture piece, we can still look on point in less than a fraction of the price. On top of that, adorned in clothes by some of the hottest designers in the fashion bible hot list.

OK, OK, wait a minute, here. A 100% silk dress by Swedish it-brand ACNE for under $250? And where can I get that? Coggles you say? Is that not a steal? And they have my size? If you – or me for that matter – don’t get on this, well have to resort to rags. This doesn’t happen very often… if ever.

Alexander Wang, in my opinion, is the Alfred Sung of his generation. This 26-year-old fashion prodigy has received accolades from Vogue, and is top-tier to celebrities around the world. That said, to own anything by Mr. Wang is a treat. And if it’s under $200, say no more. Even if it is his secondary line.

What more do you need in a TWENTY8TWELVE dress? It’s super-mini, and it’s pink. Nicki Minaj, eat your socks. And it’s roughly under $250 (CDN).

One thing you’ll have to realize: when it comes to cost-effective designer dresses, there’s less fabric to work with. But it’s okay, it’s worth it. You’ve got the body, the look and the attitude, and a little minus degree whether won’t kill you, right? Who wouldn’t wear this grey scale body-con dress by Jonathan Saunders. I thought grey was the new black. And apparently it’s 199.50 (USD), not even $200. Go for it.
Sportmax, a subsidiary of the MaxMara empire is constant in Vogue‘s pages. Does that mean anything, well yes, it does. it’s the originator in sport-motif chic. Minimal construction, and fine detail. And to top if off, for about $250 USD, you’re getting a 2-for-1 deal, a dress and bolero in a navy hue. OK. I meant three.

Trend Report: Bikers on drugs

In Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Trend, Trend Report on April 13, 2010 at 5:31 pm

Pictured here is a look from Acne’s Fall/Winter 2010-11 collection. The whole outfit is s o raw the model could walk right off the runway to the grocery store or where ever her heart desires. That’s what I call immacute styling. But the coat! It’s one of the most daunting outerwear pieces I’ve ever seen. How could one wear such a thing? Well, you’ve got to think recklessly, as though you couldn’t care less about  combing your hair or even brushing your teeth. Better yet – Just throw the soap in the garbage will you!

This type of coat adds much needed glamour to your drab. That and your most viva glam  sunglasses complemented with cowboy boots … or chucks. Actually, leather trimming on the coat adds sexy (as shown) while a cotton cut adds cool.  But a coat like this is hard to come by; this devil-may-care style is best when done by top designers. Below are two versions made by Alexander Wang. If you can find them vintage – best of luck if you do – cherish it. It’s a classic look that’s been recycled throughout the `80s until now.

Get My Look: Rude Girl

In designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, handbags, Heels, In the Know, Shopping on March 1, 2010 at 4:00 am

Ray-Ban tortoises aviator-style acetate sunglasses, $135 USD. Available at Net-A-Porter.

Barker Black scarf, 275 (Euro). Available at Colette.

Maison Martin Margiela T-Shirt, 155 (Euro). Available at Colette.

Acne skinny denim leggings, $230 (USD). Available at Net-A-Porter.

Isabel Marant fringed canvas boots, $1,160 (USD). Available at Net-A-Porter.

Vionnet brass faceted cuff, $530 (USD). Available at Net-A-Porter.

Alexander Wang Donna leather small hobo, 795 (USD). Available at Net-A-Porter.

Get My Look: Punk funk

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Look one: Going my way during the day.

ACNE Extreme stripe cotton-jersey dress $130 (Euros)

KARL DONOGHUE A-line shearling gilet $895

BURBERRY PRORSUM Leather ankle boots $895

JIMMY CHOO Limited Edition PEP printed tote $995

Look two: Heating it up at night.

Ara Jo Jumper (tbd)

JIMMY CHOO Candy acrylic shoulder clutch $495

JEROME C. ROUSSEAU Aizza patent leopard pumps $275

Ara Jo image: FTAPE

Acne image: my-theresa

All other images were pulled from