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Musing: Leather Ankle Booties

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Shoes. What fashion obsessed person doesn’t love ’em. Your alter-ego – dressed in a willowy white lace gown – lays kissing the sun beside a Pierre Hardy hill that, suddenly, erupts with an explosion of shoes that whack you splat in the face (ouch!). As this fantasy produces the most intense orgasmic experience you’ve ever had in your life, it’s a dream few can  relate to.

People who consider an obsession with fashion to be superficial – quite frankly, lack common sense. Just like a caveman needed fur to survive brutal storms, you, the fashionista, needs your shoes. And if you can beautify your feet with intricately detailed footwear, you must – by all means – indulge.

I’ve rambled on about my obsession with all things goth. And I don’t mind owning various kinds of the same item, it’s a necessity. And it’s amazing how inventive and creative the black leather ankle boot can be.

The black leather ankle boot is the most versatile on the shoe lot. It’s sporty with a hypersexual undertone (think S&M). Maybe I am – a hypersexual being. I mean, if you have a fetishism for shoes, or have an admiration for gothic culture, wouldn’t it make sense? Regardless, it’s the ultimate power play not many men have the skill to handle.

Burberry leather ankle boot

Lanvin leather ankle boots

Rick Owens leather sex boot

Sam Edelman ankle boot

Get My Look: Punk funk

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Look one: Going my way during the day.

ACNE Extreme stripe cotton-jersey dress $130 (Euros)

KARL DONOGHUE A-line shearling gilet $895

BURBERRY PRORSUM Leather ankle boots $895

JIMMY CHOO Limited Edition PEP printed tote $995

Look two: Heating it up at night.

Ara Jo Jumper (tbd)

JIMMY CHOO Candy acrylic shoulder clutch $495

JEROME C. ROUSSEAU Aizza patent leopard pumps $275

Ara Jo image: FTAPE

Acne image: my-theresa

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You’ll practically have to claw your way through a legion of fashion-crazed zombies for these babies, but believe me, when you get your hands on them, it was well-worth the battle.

There’s affordable and then there’s just plain ridiculous – ridiculously cheap. Normally cheap is equated to ugly, but that’s not always the case. If you’re on the look out, and you have a keen eye for trends and a confident sense of style, low-end price-points and lesser known brands can contribute to a killer outfit.

Definitely recession proof.


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It’s important to understand that it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. While it is true that you get what you pay for, you also have to be realistic with what your money can afford to buy you. Most women love to ogle over Christian Louboutins shoe pornography, and we’re constantly exposed to the foot candy in the prices beyond our monthly salary. But, being a fashion person – a Fashionista – is a lot more than just having something for having sake.

I remember buying shoes from China town for less than a mean at a restaurant and getting loads of compliments. I still have that power, even in my wardrobe of choice (admittedly, I have a love for vintage plaid shirts, my over-sized H&M scarf, my leggings from Walmart and my jacket from Primark), but throw in a key item (my Michael Kors wellies) and I’m good to go. I can buy fashion magazines for days, and when I read the content, it only makes me respect the designers more, but even though I’m surrounded by fashion almost twenty-four hours a day, I really don’t feel compelled to stretch beyond my means. Well, luckily, every time I do, a good friend keeps me in check.

These buys are just as good.


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Let’s face it – we all love to splurge. Every once in a while, we become fixated on the latest fashion “must-have” of the season. All we can think about is how wonderful it would be to own that luxury item far beyond our means. Even if it has no purpose in our lives what-so-ever, we’d love to feel like a lottery ticket even if only for 24 hours.

Well, go ahead and indulge.