In Fashion, Shopping, winter on October 30, 2009 at 6:19 pm

Winter time is coming, and for this issue I wanted to give you ins-and-outs of getting a fabulous coat for the coldest and fashionably perplexing season of the year.

One one hand, winter allows for the opportunity to bundle-fashion multiple trends without looking like a fashion-criminal (because the objective is to be warm, regardless of the layers), however, it’s frustrating because you’re stuck between investing your hard-earn money into that one particular item that will defy all fashion trends for years to come – the winter coat.

Living in Toronto, Canada admittedly for me is frustrating because there really isn’t much of a selection for fashion winter shopping. Which is quite a coincidence because if there’s any place in the world that knows about the cold and fashion – it’s us.

When I lived in London, UK, even the average daily paper (and there were about five or more of them) dedicated at least two pages of fashion spreads from the most expensive to the cheapest yet fashion-forward brands in the city. Here, to utter the word Stitches, Sirens or Suzy Shier(cheaper brands – with the exception of H&M or Zara) amongst the fashion elite is to draw a pitiful glare. (So, when I finally find the right images, I promise to post some great product shops from these “lesser valued” brands.)

But for me, as much as I have deep admiration for the high-end designer, until I have enough disposable income that I can afford to take care of my responsibilities (mortgage, car, and other bills), donate to charity, travel and still have money left over, it’s really not feasible to purchase a luxury coat in replacement for something much more practical. But that’s why I enjoy looking. I get inspiration from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Stefano Pilati, and Riccardo Tisci. I’m also proud of Michael Kors for creating different tiers for his broad range of clientele. And while I’d love the idea of wearing a cashmere-blend wool coat, or a goat fur peacoat, or, a silk-blend cape – which would all look luxurious on while walking through droplets of crystal-like snowflakes – I’ll have to opt for another route, for now.  

Have a Look.

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