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I’ll be undressed in a bra…

In Fashion on February 13, 2011 at 7:02 am

All see-through.

Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Cease perform “Crush on You” circa 1996 at the Apollo Theatre.

Tom Ford private blend lipstick in pure pink via Freport

Dior Oversized sunglasses available at Nordstrom

Christian Dior Vintage Chinchilla Coat via Farfetch

Don’t Mind If I Do Gloves via Mod Cloth

La Perla Feuillage tulle conical bra via Net-A-Porter

La Perla Feuillage braided tulle corset via Net-A-Porter

La Perla Feuillage tulle garter belt via Net-A-Porter

La Perla Feuillage tulle hipster briefs via Net-A-Porter

Pleaser Womens thigh-high boots via Endless

Christian Lacroix printed silk scarf via Forzieri

Christian Lacroix Rouge via Avon

Musing: Uniqlo + J

In Fashion on February 1, 2011 at 1:57 am

Images courtesy of Getty

Yes, the cut outs look a tab amateur, but whatever. I’m good.

I’ve about Jil Sander’s influence on my life before, but’s latest article “How to Be a Minimalist,” got me thinking.

The thing is, there is no way to be a minimalist. In the article, the original Jil Sander, who designed a line of affordable lines for super brand Uniqulo talks about being modern, as a substitute for “minimal,” and how she hopes “that modern design will spread all around the globe.” OK. That’s all well and good. But, either you are, or you aren’t. I am a minimalist. But that just means that I prefer no logos, and understated colours like black, and easy pieces. I’m low key. And what influenced me was the stark white minimalism of Wall steet `80s. It’s not some new phenomenon. And while it could be a re-introduction to an out of touch generation. The people who do embrace this concept should be well aware of it.

I mean, look at this.

A jacket from the collection. Clean, white. With practical pockets and snaps.

Next we have a black 3/4 blouse with a pussy bow. So far so good, right?

Now we have a navy blue cotton tuck skirt. See how I’m playing with colours. That’s because you can do that with minimalism.

Now, we finish the look (okay, not completely). I should say, we’ve not added these brogues. Flat, with a bit of funk.

OK, now we’ve finished the look with this market leather bag. Notice that there’s six degrees of matching here. The sole of the shoes go with the bag, which goes with the shirt, and because the tones are monochromatic, you can mix ’em up. Top it off, everything is, technically, under one brand. I had to bring that up because Tom Ford had said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK that he didn’t like to see women wear head-to-toe of the same brand. It, to him, didn’t show any personality. I do agree, to a point. But if that’s the case, then the whole minimalism trend, it itself, represents uniformity, which has no identifiable originality, does it. I beg to differ. This trend, to me, allows to play with your personality through colour, accessories, hair – the whole nine. So don’t buy into that.

If you need proof on the colour of and simplicity of minimalism, see for yourself:

Shout out to Luciano for the video.

Images via Net-A-Porter and Uniqlo.

Musing: Diane von Furstenberg and Claridge’s Interior design project

In Fashion, Fashion Heat on June 25, 2010 at 4:50 pm

So, as it was, 200 people in the creative industry were exclusively gathered at the Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair, UK in celebration of its design collaboration with fashion design icon Diane von Furstenberg. As you can imagine, all eyes were on Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow who attended the event decked-out in all-black designer ensembles. But there were other, lesser-known attendees that were worthy of at least some fashion nods.  I say, to even be considered for an invitation from Ms. von Furstenberg means you must have sniffed in the right direction, someway, somehow.

Tom Ford is that beautiful man who every joe should aspire to be: sexy, seductive and effortless. You can’t imagine how many women out there gripe at his gayness. But you know, gay or straight, this fashion icon always looks clean, even with a bit of stubble (as seen here). And what’s he wearing? You guessed it, Tom Ford.

Supermodel extraordinaire Natalia Vodianova always radiates. This russian-born princess is a true rags-to-riches story. She’s one of the few catwalkers who has made the successful transition to the fairytale life. Dressed a silk chiffon purple dress with off-white Christian Louboutins, what can you really say about her? And to think that she has two kids.

Sure Mark Ronson has made the best-dressed list of countless men’s magazines. But haven’t you noticed how this awkwardly tall producer pulls off awkwardly tight floods? He’s working that doo-wop style to his advantage.

Ah, Joan Collins, the dynasty queen. She’s the one who made power shoulders and tacky-texan bela beauty a phenomenon. And as you can see, she’s traded in the bouffant for a subtler bob, but she’s still absolutely stunning.

I thoroughly enjoy artist Tracey Emin. She always looks like she’s having fun and she carries off her looks with an immense amount of confidence. In effect her outfits always work.

All I know about Bailey is that she’s a model – of some sort. The Chanel floor-length dress is worth noting. And she’s enviously waif (naturally). Not many can pull off Chanel; either it’s geared towards the haggard and old, or verythin. Preferrably both. Luckly, Bailey falls in the latter category. She did this one well.

Fashion Blogs ALL respectable men (should) read

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I’ve gotten a bit of feedback since starting this blog. The main thing being I should add men’s fashion too. I’ll be the first to admit that I can whip up a mean men’s critique. I’ve got a good eye, considering I was raised by a single fashion conscious father. But while I can add some meaty men’s fashion, why should I when there’s a collective of passionate peepers geared towards men’s interest? For those of you men who haven’t been paying attention, here’s a run down of the best of the lot. If you need some inspiration, please, look no further.


Anyone, and I mean ANYone who wants to know about fine men’s tailoring and grooming goes to This site is the business.  Even I go on there, but then again, I aim to know about fashion writ-large.  They also have typical content like women, profiles and current events. It may seem a bit debonair at times, but every man can use some cultivation no matter how nonchalant he may be.

The Fashionisto

This blog is a personal favorite. It’s very editorial and dramatic at times, but if you want to know what’s happening in men’s fashion it’s really all there. If you’re looking for a bit of lifestyle, you’re not going to get that here, but it’s a great reference site for the latest on designers, runway shows, male model of the month and the like – and yes, even if you’re a hetero man it’s okay to get the skinny on a male muse.


I’d probably get in trouble for saying this, but I actually think Selectism is better than GQ. It’s a service site; bang on for the latest releases and where to buy. If I’m looking for Tom Ford’s latest drop or the lesser known Lyle & Scott, they’ve already got it posted with lookbooks and availability. What more could you ask for?

Style Salvage

This site’s more refined than The Fashionisto, ediger than GQ, but more in-depth than Selectism. It’s for men that have a genuine interest in men’s fashion and what that world has to offer. He’s great for interviews and giving you a more personalized look at the fashion world.

A Continuous Lean

 A Continuous Lean is a very wordy blog – not for people that want quick references. While I won’t rubbish it by labeling it a smart man’s style guide, it’s more of a lifestyle blog than anything. It’s very American suburbia, very Vampire Weekend. Ultimately, you will have to be bit die hard to get into what he’s about, but he’s good at what he does.


This site’s the most ‘street’  of the bunch, but they’re so big on the map right now that everyone’s literally trying to get on. Ranked in the top five fashion sites on the Internet, it’s a strong source for men’s fashion. What’s also really cool is that they’ll link you to online stores you’ve never even heard of – they dive in really deep. Hypbeast’s a tough pill if you prefer the aforementioned sites, but if  you’re looking for a cool pair of sneakers, a really interesting t-shirt, or something alternative, then Hypebeast is your guy.