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Mary Katrantzou floral print jacket
$3,605 –

Preen zip pants

Marc by Marc Jacobs lace up wedge sneaker
$590 –

Musing: Donald Glover

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Once upon a time, I liked a black guy similar to Donald Glover. Well, I don’t know how similar, but they tend to be a ‘type’. He’s the type of black guy that’s not your typical black guy. He’s a black who’s around white people. Not because he wants to be, but that’s just his normality. But with that comes the inclination for white women. It’s one of those strange situations where, you will both meet, and probably be really good for each other, but, it’s not gonna happen, because if he’s not into Becky, there’s about 10 Becky’s into him. But, in the ideal world, in my dark twisted fantasy, it would be a pretty normal encounter. You know, a good-looking couple (not to mention stylish, funny and pleasant) feeding off of each other’s brilliance, getting specialty coffees at some cafe in the city, hanging out in pubs. You know, doing things typical white people do… No biggie.

Dear @Drake : You, me and the ugly sweater

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Drake with one of the original Sweater gods. Image by Getty.

We’ve all been there. I’ve had more than my fair share of ugly sweaters. Mine started with my Dad’s Bill Cosby-esque collection of patchwork knits conjoined by tacky strips of leather.  My grandmother also used to knit sweaters. And a ‘family’ friend named Paula. When they gave me their oversized, totally unfashionable concoctions, I politely – with internal disgust – accepted their gifts. But you know what, when worked under my stylish staples: a classic GAP denim jacket being one, they didn’t look so bad. I did however, run out on my luck as a Shop Assistant for Canadian fashion boutique Jacob. A turn of events almost caused me to loose my job.

It was Christmas season. I was 17 and bougie (stuck up) as hell. I was a greeter. Bad enough I hated saying ‘hi’ to people who walked into the store. I was forced, literally, to wear their exclusive Christmas knit: an embarrassingly bad sweater covered in snowflakes and reindeer. I almost cried. I was defiant. My manager had to pull me aside and talk to me. Considering I can remember this, obviously it had to have scarred me. But suddenly, as of late, I find myself thinking these Christmas sweaters are cool. Could it be because of Drake?

I think not. Drake can’t rock a sweater any better than I can. And while his notoriety has made him something of a knit authority, his sweater skills don’t match that of the everyday fellas who wear the sweater with natural ‘swag’.


Bernhard Willhelm wears a knit like no one’s business. Via In the moment

So, is this really an open letter to the current Underground King? Could be. Perhaps he needs to step his sweater game up. As part of VIBE’s 20 questions, one of the questions asked if the urban(e) i.e., mundane brand COOGI would give Drake a campaign. Are you kidding me? Drake might be hood, but he’s not destitute.

So, Drake, here’s an ode to the godfathers – past and present – who wore the knitted sweater with more zeal than you. Perhaps you’ll look good enough to get snapped by a style blogger this year. And I’m leaning more towards The Sartorialist.

Reflecting on life… in style

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The model Kyle Forde courtesy of D1 Models 

Good evening. I can’t front. It’s been an awfully long time. I’ve been active on Twitter. Tumblr. Facebook and whatever else is in vogue on the Internet this month. But I’ve had a bit of a block. Which tends to happen. Not sure why. Suppose it’s because I’ve been writing for a living. Literally. Clock in. Write. Clock out. Leaving room for not much else. Well, perhaps that’s false. But when you’re writing for a living, it makes writing for recreational reasons draining. But now I’m about to start writing for a living again in another way, for publications, so I may as well get this mojo back up and running. It’s been hard. I’ve dreaded it. I don’t know if I don’t like blogging. I certainly still  like fashion. Love it. And I read as though I have nothing better to do (I don’t). I wax lyrical on message boards like I’m writing essays. So there’s really no excuse is there.

Lately, I’ve been bathing in buckets of male beauty. Those convincingly innocent, shallow Adonis’ to get away from the reality I dread. Normal guys. Not interested. But of course, it’s the one you’re trying to get away from that can’t get the hint. Till your forced to do and say things creating the impression that you’re an empty egg shell. But I can’t front. This is what is it.

Not like this is my mission. But what else would a Canadian come to Europe for… reality?  

Some Givenchy Sexy

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Givenchy Hi Top sneakers via selectism

I’ve got a serious problem. Sneakers. Quite coincidental considering I haven’t worn a single pair since moving back to London. But that’s also because I don’t own a pair of jeans at the moment. Out of all things I’ve got rid of: heels, boots, jackets, sneakers have been the hardest items to part with. Well, these Givenchy kicks don’t help much.

Givenchy Rottweiler shirt via Selectism.

I’ve got another problem. I don’t think I could make my admiration for Givenchy any more clear. Initially, I wasn’t crazy about Tisci’s Fall/Winter 2011 menswear delivery. But when paired with the high tops as seen up top, I’ve had a major change of heart.

I’m at a different stage in my life. I’m not finding my style, I know what I’m about. And my clothing reflects my mood. Superstitious people are afraid of black. Apparently it attracts ‘evil’ spirits and bad luck. I don’t know what to say about that, because it’s a staple. And, I beg to differ with regards to its negative connotations. According to Colour Wheel Pro, black “denotes strength and authority; and gives the feeling of perspective and depth.” I consider it to be the most sophisticated hue of the lot and the perfect contrast to every colour under the sun. Top it with  an angry Rottweiler, one of the most misunderstood pits of hound lot, and you’ve got a pretty fierce combination. In my so called ‘predicament’, being a lover of the unknown, and drawn to things people fear, what’s a girl to do?

Well, in my case, fundraise the money to the coveted pieces. Rock them and wear them as tokens of my strength.

Shout out to Selectism for providing the images. See more of my favourite Givenchy pieces on my TUMBLR.


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Here we go:

When I created, the intent was to split my personality. I used to have a schizophrenic blog (which has since died), but that wasn’t doing me any favours. In order to get somewhere – anywhere – I had to separate the controversial, angry person, from the mainstream one that would get me work. And, in turn, it worked. Since then, I’ve eliminated the asshole altogether, and I can now say that I’m on my therapeutic path to enlightenment. It sounds corny, but it’s true. Mind you, that venter still lurks within, but as I’ve progressed, maintaining my dignity and a polished image has become a priority. Yes, it’s called growing up. was an exploration. It’s still apart of me. But, the thing is, I’m not a fashion person. I don’t obsess over the latest must-have item. I don’t care about fashion trends. Well, unless there’s a historical and sociological depth to them. So who am I to call my blog safra On Fashion, especially when I’ve shown a continuous preference for style?

I will be making this blog more personal. But no. You won’t be seeing my face. This is not ‘a look at me, I’m backstage at London Fashion Week‘ (yes, I’m moving back to London. Back home). Or a ‘I know how to dress’ blog. But it is a style blog. And though I’ve thought about it, I’m not going to emulate, or any other magazine I’ve dreamt of writing for. Will it be newsy? probably. Will it be sarcastic? Definitely. But it’s going to the next level. It’s going to show my production side, creative side, whatever side. But it’s all going to pertain to style.

Which is me. My style, is street. I’m a girl who likes menswear. I read Vogue, and i-D. I appreciate lifestyle: that means art, culture, and food. To me, fashion is ephemeral. Style is timeless. What more can I say? Most importantly, I have finally come to grips. I don’t need to be the next big thing. That’s fashion. But a matriarch – that’s style.

On another note: I’ll be honest. The reasoning behind this post was complete bullshit. It’s really called Safra On Style now, because I lost my domain name. So, I guess I’m still a bit schizo after all! (wink).

A couple that grows old together

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via Advanced Style.

Ends up dressing like one another. I guess I’ll be forever young.

Global Musing: Toronto

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I want to say welcome, but that’s kinda lame, so I’ll get to the point.

The brilliant idea of trend spotting switched on a head bulb. I know – don’t ask. The idea of style stocking is so passé that it’s now a washed-out global phenom. Style Photogs are scoring book deals, landing front rows at revered fashion collections, and becoming the point-of-reference for a slew of pop-up Trend agencies.

So why, you ask, would this idea only occur to me now? Well, I scoped it in a certain magazine (that shall be nameless), and I felt it was done so colorfully, so originally but yet, so vaguely, that I had wanted to rip the idea and take it a step further. I want to grab trends from every crevice of the planet. And that, my friends, takes dedication. While I won’t be doing it everyday, I’ll defo be plugging it in once a week (to start). And I have a goal. I won’t share my goal (that’s why it’s a goal), but it’s a feasible one. So here we go.

Toronto guys, for the most part, have an uncategorizable style. One minute it’s eurotrash, the next it’s hipster punk. But lately, the T.O guy’s been rocking a mod-sportif ;  hi-tops – preferably Cr8tive Recs, or Supra – add futuristic funk to an otherwise semi-bland jeans-hoodie combo. Most up-town guys are big on G-Star, but they are, thanks to the cities thriving downtown hipster culture, starting to catch on to American Apparel. But you know, AA’s sweatshirts are being upstaged by the purposely ‘ragged’ staples found at Urban Outfitters or Gap. And that Parisian chic scarf, almost annihilated across the pond, is still going strong here. Distressed Diesel jeans are back with a vengeance, but come to think of it, they never really went anywhere, anyway.

Toronto Ladies are a special bunch. They’re prissy, pretty and completely untouchable. That’s right. They’re shopping like fashion editors. And they’ve ripped their outfits straight off the tear sheets of their favorite society magazines (and H&M) which means they’ve got the confidence to talk their way into the hottest happenings in the city. And not only will you have to buy them (and their crew) drinks and dinner at five-star spots, you’ll have to lavish them with – Marilyn Monroe said it best – Tiffany’s. The T.O girl’s upping Toronto’s ‘it’ style ante with super-short, or maxi-long. She’s got her minx on, she’s a fixture at Sephora and Holt Renfrew. However, vintage is a serious trend in Toronto, and she’s suddenly been empowered by the consignment store. Now, Chanel bags and Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses are right on par with her expenditure budget.

Fashion Heat: Rihanna

In Fashion Heat on November 10, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Like the speed of a bullet, Rihanna can switch up her look going from red-hot rockstar to cheek and chic starlet in an astonishing four looks in one night! You can guess where I got these images from; the turn of wardrobe happened in the time span of one night.

Going from an appearance on MTV’s It’s On With Alexa Chung, to the 2009 Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards, and then off to GOD knows where, this girl is back in full-force. It’s a bit of a relief she’s been able to bounce back so quickly after a turn of events, but I won’t get into that.

Anyway, it’s the job of slebrity to make looking so good so damn effortless.