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What I’ve been up to

In Fashion on April 15, 2011 at 10:08 am

I was dreading the day. I didn’t want to do it. But after six years, I took the dive.

Styling traumatized me. I’ve only done it three times. Well, four minus my cousin’s event – that was fun. But something went terribly wrong. And as much as I love pretty pictures, I could not bare the responsibility of loosing friendships, money, my mind. I never dreamed of being a stylist. I didn’t pursue it. It just happened. I’m natural go-getter. I’ll make something out of nothing and before you know it, I’ve got clothes, (polished) models, make-up and photographers working for minimal or no fee. But after the final blow, when I fell out with a good friend after working on her project (no details, please), I was offered an opportunity, with a photographer, I was filled with doubt, and I screwed that person over. However, that’s what happens when you’re messed up.

I probably would have kept styling away had I not reached out to magazine editors. In conjunction with all the fashion-focused things I am doing right now. But I figured, I have a bit of time on my hands, and after seeing the quality of work by some exceptionally talented people, it’s time to give it another go.

I don’t aspire to be Lucinda Chambers, or Edward Enninful. Nicola Formichettt – won’t even go there. But maybe Chioma Nnadi, Sarah Harris (wink), Harriet Quick (double wink). Hilary Alexander. Laura Craik.Clare Coulson. Bronwyn Cosgrave – it will take some work, but I’ll get there. As for Robin Givhan, I have only been talking about her on this blog forever. Though she doesn’t style. But people gifted wordsmiths who use images an extension of expression.

I’m doing it. Not with expectations, but to utilize something inside me. Something bigger than the flesh. But I won’t even try to control it – it has to tie into my writing. And it’s all in the hands of capital H.I.M.

Musing: Freja Beha Erichsen

In Fashion Heat, Good Look, Icon, In the Know, model on August 10, 2010 at 9:39 pm

When British Vogue’s Sarah Harris asked supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen how she spent her first pay cheque, the Danish beauty jokingly claimed that she “ blew it all on strippers and cars.” Joke?

No matter. Erichsen is the girl/boy wonder stirring envy among guys, and collecting serious lust points from girls. Much like her predecessor Gia Carangi, this girl is hot, hot heat for putting the rock star back on the runway. There’s a debate, though – she’s thin. Probably too thin. But it’s not her fault, she’s just molded this way. And she’s handsomely pretty. The fashion world and beyond could easily build a Bieber fascination with her. She’s a “woman crush” – with the exception of her boyish sensibility. Who are we kidding, it’s because of it. She’s started a haircut craze, too. Unlike the androgynous Tilda Swinton who is sculpted with curves, Erichsen is as “toothpick” as they come. In a movie, she could be a he playing a she.  And she looks vulnerable. That bad boy/girl chicks aim to tame. (Hmmm, once again, Gia Carangi anyone?)

Erichsen has admitted to wanting a family someday. Probably true. But I doubt it will be conventional. And there’s no time to think about that anyway – she’s having too much fun at the moment. (Despite a drink,  smoke and club-free diet. Well, she’s having fun somehow I’m sure.)

So, OK, Freja. Let us not have any of those tragic lives in our lifetime, all right? You’re fun. You may be a bit lame in the flesh – I don’t know – but you’re a symbolism of a bourgeois rebellion that is keeping fashion interesting. We’re experiencing a grunge/punk resurgence, and that’s you. You weren’t just “plucked”, your trajectory is as strategic the marketing campaign for a Chanel fragrance. Your scent is unique. It’s divine. The top note is husky at first smell; but when you get to the base note – it’s a bed of heavenly petals.