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In the Know: Gap is making a comeback

In Fashion, In the Know, News on November 21, 2009 at 3:42 pm

During the late `90s I thought Gap was the brand of all brands. As we streamed into the `00s and slebrities became the focal point in their commercials, if you were an `80s baby like myself, you were trapped between the sensationalization of pop culture and original thought; which meant that you wore Gap clothes. You literally fell into the Gap. But then they started to “fall” their own bench off so to speak, and my focus shifted on to newer, hipster brands like Urban Outfitters. Another turn off was paying full price for a pair of jeans, sweater or whatever then seeing a mark down for the items at an astonishing 70 to even 80 per cent. “I paid $60 for that sweater, now I can get it for $19.99?” And not only that, the momentum just started to drift.

But now, according to Drapers Record, Gap’s profits have risen 25% (and you may not know what that means, but they’re basically coming back on top), and I believe that’s thanks to their immaculate marketing scheme. Getting renowned designer Stella McCartney on board for a limited GapKids collection, and their slebrity endorsed 1969 Premium Jeans Collection was a good look too.

We’ll see. Maybe I’ll fall in love with Gap again.