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Wet (fashion) dreams

In Fashion on May 16, 2011 at 5:59 pm

My official list of favourite designers. You are given permission to cut off my tongue if I ever say otherwise:

via sleek

Henrik Vibskov
via Henrik Vibskov’s blog

Dries Van Noten
via the fashionalists

Raf Simons
via fashionising

Jil Sander
via Marouge Style

Meadham Kirchoff
via Crystal Migraine

Ann Demeulemeester
via trendland

Christopher Kane
via the must + it

Gareth Pugh
via Newslicious

Rick Owens
via Glamour Goddess

via Kenya’s Style

Haider Ackermann
via trend forum

Kris Van Assche
via Homme Times

and, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy

Fashion Windows

Canadian mentions:

Denis Gagnon

via Magnifique

Greta Constantine

via Auntie Fashion

John Hillifer via Gian Lucianglesi

What is modern?

In Fashion on July 26, 2010 at 6:08 pm

In January of 1984, American Vogue made a tribute to modernity. Sally Ride was the first woman to head into space, the Olympics presented more opportunities for women and the runways liberated our bodies with men’s clothing. Hair was also significantly shorter. Athletes and models were praised for being womanly rather than emaciated. As with the clothes, the ideals of ‘men’s’ attire meant we preferred a looser, more serious wardrobe to that of the glitz and sex from the `70s.

Giorgio Armani made jackets in masculine cuts, while Donna Karan and Calvin Klein capitalized on minimalism.  Grey jersey dresses and wide-leg trousers meant we were tired of the fuss. Could this have been a much-needed women’s revolution?

Fast forward to 2010. Giorgio has launched Armani Privé, a sparkling collection of evening dresses and gowns, and Calvin Klein, while still true to minimalism, is severely feminine. Floral was ubiquitous by the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Erdem. Viktor & Rolf bathed their collection in Tulle and Michael Kors laced his runway with furs. Models are now a size 0 or smaller. Hair is longer, braided and tossed to the side, or, free flowing and playful. If there is a hint of womanly, it’s in the form of the sultry Lara Stone, who, despite being a buxom blond, possesses the face of an innocent Lolita. The closest thing to grown-up on the runway is a dominatrix sashaying in leather as seen in Hermès. Then there’s the complete morbidity of Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh. No matter which way you look at it, fashion appears to be going through puberty. It’s taken ten steps back.

Michelle Obama is a cultural step forward being a woman of colour. But she is essentially a traditionalist: her physique is powerful, but she revels in the frills of pretty. And our heroes of today, hard as it is to believe, are girls from the flimsy world of reality TV – it’s no wonder fashion is in such a state.

If fashion is influenced by current events, it’s surely stuck in a rut. There’s a need for that modern-essence that gave it such clear direction back in 1984.

Musing: Leather Ankle Booties

In Boots, designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look on May 28, 2010 at 10:01 pm

Shoes. What fashion obsessed person doesn’t love ’em. Your alter-ego – dressed in a willowy white lace gown – lays kissing the sun beside a Pierre Hardy hill that, suddenly, erupts with an explosion of shoes that whack you splat in the face (ouch!). As this fantasy produces the most intense orgasmic experience you’ve ever had in your life, it’s a dream few can  relate to.

People who consider an obsession with fashion to be superficial – quite frankly, lack common sense. Just like a caveman needed fur to survive brutal storms, you, the fashionista, needs your shoes. And if you can beautify your feet with intricately detailed footwear, you must – by all means – indulge.

I’ve rambled on about my obsession with all things goth. And I don’t mind owning various kinds of the same item, it’s a necessity. And it’s amazing how inventive and creative the black leather ankle boot can be.

The black leather ankle boot is the most versatile on the shoe lot. It’s sporty with a hypersexual undertone (think S&M). Maybe I am – a hypersexual being. I mean, if you have a fetishism for shoes, or have an admiration for gothic culture, wouldn’t it make sense? Regardless, it’s the ultimate power play not many men have the skill to handle.

Burberry leather ankle boot

Lanvin leather ankle boots

Rick Owens leather sex boot

Sam Edelman ankle boot

I Heart Rick Owens

In designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, I heart on May 21, 2010 at 10:17 pm

The American-born clothing connoisseur Rick Owens is one of the few designers to thrust goth-inspired fashion into the limelight. Using minimalist silhouettes and sharp cuts as his trademark, Owens got his start in 2002 when he debuted his ready-to-wear collections before the top editors in the busy. He’s been in the  business since `94, but what made him a star was the fact that his collection was reminiscent of Marc Jacob’s `95 grunge break-through. Careless and defiant against the  ultra-feminine and flashy trend  at the time. He’s cultivated his love for the dark side since his days as an Art student in California. But when he moved to Paris with Michele Lamy in tow, he was able to delve deeper into the realms of sexuality and S&M creating a classic, avant-garde collection.

Women turn to him for that no-nonsense, attitude fuelled concept whether heading to the boardroom or the disco. Owens’ designs are authoritative, dark and empowered, so if you’re a fan of Erdem’s luminous floral dresses, he  may not be for you.

Out with the Punk!

In designer, Fabric, Fashion, Fashion Heat, style on April 23, 2010 at 5:35 pm

Fashion Editors are calling for a nouveau punk revolution. They’re saying women are rebelling. Maybe it’s a strike against the pretty gowns some designers sent down the runway. They’d rather embrace pairing tulle with spikes than look like societe’s ideal of the wholesome girl.

I see nothing wrong with Ms. Wholesome. I’ll freely admit she’s what I strive for. She’s classy and smart. But I’ve taken a keen interest to goth girl because she’s très chic. Goth is elegant, has depth and is androgynous. The goth girl is the smart person’s wholesome girl. While Goth continues to evolve, becoming more hipsterish and emotional when young, it’s  consistent. Goth can be beautified, or kept monochromatic, it doesn’t matter, the point is it’s always there. Gareth Pugh has brought a much-needed glamour to goth while Joseph Altuzarra made it more approachable. Rick Owens is more of a modernist, but there’s a hint of goth empowerment in his collections, always.

So, I’m rebelling against punk.  I’d rather be timeless than hold on to something I’ll part ways with once I’ve noticed a grey hair or two.  At least this way, I can exchange leather with silk, and replace my sheer black t-shirts with a Victorian style blouse. It will be a transition rather than a metamorphosis, growing more fruitful with age.

Get My Look: Demigoddess

In designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Shoes, Shopping on April 2, 2010 at 6:13 pm

Rick Owens fine-knit cashmere wrap cardigan $1,050. Available at Net-A-Porter.

Bassike organic cotton circle top $130. Available at Net-A-Porter.

Givenchy 3D triangles leather cuff bracelet 457.34. Available at Luisaviaroma.

Givenchy black jersey legging style skinny trousers 385. Available at FarFetch.

Givenchy Print Jersey Wedges 1458.34. Available at Luisaviaroma.

Givenchy medium nylon nightingale top handle 907.66. Available at Luisaviaroma.

In The Know: The Hottest Kicks for 2009 RECAP

In art, Fashion, Good Look, Recap, Shoes, Shopping, sneakers on December 10, 2009 at 12:02 am

As I’ve grown older, my eye for good quality sneakers aka trainers, has become more refined. I admit, I’ve always had good taste in sneakers, but now I can easily spot a really good one when I see it. And believe me – it takes skill, particularly when concepts are slapped together – in the laziest or excessive ways- and then suddenly considered the must-have item of the season.

I don’t like my sneakers to be pretentious, well – maybe just a little. But pretentious meaning they’re equal parts fashion and art. Yes, I truly do believe in wearing art on your feet.

The Top Ten Hottest kicks for 2009/2010 (so far):

Bernhard Willhelm – 204 (Euros). Available at Far Fetch.

I do quite like these all-black leather high-tops. What’s particularly interesting is the piece of lace intertwined with the shoe laces that are strapped through the shoe.

Ann Demeulemeester – 541.44 (CAD). Available at Luisaviaroma.

Sneakers don’t get more euro than this. Beautifully punk black suede sneakers with triple buckle embellishments. If you’re a sneaker lover who’s got class – you wear these.

John Galliano – 475 (USD). Available at Style Drops.

With the patent leather and rivets, I can see these being very popular amongst the hip-hop community. Look at the buckle details, it’s riveting.

Rick Owens – 695 (GBP). Available at Browns Fashion.

Almost a boxing style shoe, what’s wonderful about this shoe is not just the black/white colourway, but the zipper along the side and elongated tongue.

Billionaire Boys Club – 276 (CAD). Available at Ssense.

High-top black canvas sneakers with white city print. How cool is that? I’ve never been one for the whole BBC/Ice Cream shenanigans, but I love the simplicity of this shoe. you may be looking at the shoe thinking “What’s so simple about it?” well, the minimalism with architectural element. This shoe is very art deco.

Paul Smith – 315 (USD). Available at Style Drops.

Leather multicoloured shoe with a heavy psychedelic reference. Enough said.

Raf Simmons – 301 (Euros). Available at Colette.

Neoprene sneakers – the cool irony. Too cool to wear scuba diving, though they don’t look like shoes you’d wear everyday.

Pierre Hardy – 350 (Euros). Available at Colette.

Drawing slight reference from the De Stijl movement, these remind me of works by the infamous Pieter Cornelis Mondrain. There were only 500 pairs available worldwide.

kris van assche – 491 (CAD). Available at Ssense.

These starch white Nappa lambskin sneakers remind me of an astronaut heading off to the moon. These babies sold out quickly, and we’re not sure if we’ll ever see them again.

Swarovski crystalized x Jeremy Scott sneakers – 2500 (Euros). Available at Colette.

Would someone really be that crazy to wear 5000+ dollar crystalized sneakers with wings? You betcha. Jeremy Scott made winged sneakers the rave for 2009 and this is a perfect way to end off the year. A true gem, Swarovski showed the world that they can be just as street as the rest of them. Kudos to Jeremy for constructing such a daring fashion statement.