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Musing: OH Miley!

In Canadian, Fashion on July 19, 2010 at 7:52 pm

To the young hopefuls squished behind barriers amid the suffocating heat, a hundred yards was as close as they’d ever get to the beloved Hannah Montana star. For me, well, I liked her Chanel clogs. It was the day of the 2010 Much Music Video Awards. Its co-host, Miley Cyrus, was svelte with mannequin-thin legs and teeth so white they looked like clip-on dentures. Dressed in a black fringe dress and bowler hat (I prefer to think of it as the Boy George), it was a strange outfit, but coming from a country-western crooning teen queen, it made sense. There was an array of outfits throughout the night, but the white one, yeah, the one where she looked like a mummy who refused to stay buried instead of “tamed,” and the other one with the knee socks, daisy dukes and head bandana for “partyin’ in the USA”, uh-uh. She needs a new stage stylist. She’s an alright girl. I like her charisma. And she made a good effort to at least appear interested, and her presenter dresses were on point. But unlike Rihanna and Beyonce who wear covetable costumes on stage – to the point that they’re better than their ‘everyday’ clothes – these stage looks were a dud. Katy Perry’s shimmery “California Gurls” get-up was way better than this. (It had me thinking it would be cute to play dress-up in for the boyfriend.)

Even Justin Bieber’s bright blue,outdated, skinny jeans could take a pass. Miley, I know you country singers like a little bit of cheese. But seriously honey, what were you thinking?