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Style Icon: Patti Smith

In Fashion, Good Look, Icon, music, New York, style on May 2, 2010 at 12:29 am

It’s hard to imagine Chicago-native Patti Smith ever entertaining the idea of fashion. But when someone exudes that kind of nonchalant sexiness, she is – undoubtably – fashionable. Her artistic-expression, her voice, her presence was completely pretentious. Her style was NYC, the origin of emo, and an emblem for today’s fashion outsider. It’s catapulted Patti to legendary status. Even the audacity of Rock N Roll Nigger from her ’78 album Easter, “Jimi Hendrix was a Nigger/Jackson Pollock was a nigger” lyrics intended to liberate those who chose not to confirm, were delivered with jaw dropping crassness. And for that… hats are tipped.

Patti’s look means not caring at all. Your blazer, your tie, your shredded jeans are just so. There’s never any effort to be made, your hairs ragged, well, because you don’t comb it. It’s a look many aspire for, but very few can carry.

Patti Smith’s visual aesthetic has been emulated by many, Leslie Feist being one of them. Ultimately, Smith’s the originator of genderless-artsy, oozing with enough confidence and hardly – if ever –  wearing a stitch of makeup. After all these years, she’s perfectly creased but she’s still got it. When you’re born with style like this, it transcends age and time.