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Style Icons: Birkin’s Girls

In culture, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Icon, style on May 2, 2010 at 1:19 am

Ever since Vanity Fair put me on to Serge Gainsbourg in `07, it was like my life change. This man, who doesn’t purse many lips in Toronto (as least not around my way), made me to explore the natural coolness the French seem to harbor. Not like I didn’t know of this myth before – okay, I really didn’t. And it never occurred to me to care. But reading about how much his daughter, Charlotte craved him when he died, the impact he had on the most beautiful (Bridget Bardot), and the most sexy (Jane Birkin) women on earth, I felt compelled to find out more about this man.

I picked up Bonnie & Clyde his 1968 duet album with then-bombshell Bridget Bardot, and I’m not ready to rest until I get the rest of his albums. But it’s not until I can trace the remnants of what he left behind.

 That’s when I started to do some digging. I became, and still am, fascinated by the women who were in his life. Particularly Birkin and her petals. I’m also keen on to pick up Birkin’s and Charlotte’s albums, and I’ve got to stroll through downtown Paris with Lou, completely glamorous and gorgeous woman. And Birkin’s eldest daughter, Kate Barry, though I don’t know much, I understand she’s a photographer, and I can only imagine the beauty she can manipulate through her lense.

It’s women like these, women like these that inspire me. That make me realise there’s no point in caring what anyone thinks.