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Musing: 500byGucci

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Gucci’s Frida Giannini is honing her automotive design skills. The creative director has helped to thrust the fashion house into a whole new hemisphere by teaming with Fiat’s Centro Stile to release the 500byGucci: a limited-edition mini coop.

The collaboration was presented during opening day of Milan Fashion Week as well as at the Geneva International Auto Show that took place in March. The editions come in black and white, and are embellished with Gucci’s signature red and green stripes. What’s even better is that the car will be available exclusively online.

I once owned a Gucci bag, many years ago. And though my taste has become more refined, I notice that through Frida’s direction, is becoming a lot more sophisticated, as demonstrated here. This collaboration is to celebrate both the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and Gucci’s 90th anniversary – both being monumental and emblematic to Italy’s identity.

Retailing at £14,565 OTR for the 1.2 litre while the award-winning 0.9 litre TwinAir, is priced at £15,765 OTR this is certainly an investment. But if you’re passionate about luxury, and if you’re always wanted to own Gucci at in its finest moment, this is a good investment.

I have always considered Gucci to be one of the more innovative brands when it comes to implementation and creation. I can certainly see it being something rather personal. I wouldn’t drive this car during a night on the town. Quite the contrary. More like, possibly, driving the countryside, on the way to the beach. But then again, perhaps that how personal brands like this have become to me. You don’t need to show it off to the world, you need revel in the luxury.  


Fiat 500 by Gucci
Italian car

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It all started earlier this year when Robin Givhan announced she was leaving her 15+ year career as Fashion Editor at the Washington Post, to join Newsweek. The thought, and practice, of bookmarking a link engraved in your mind was enough. Now, I have to follower elsewhere. What was worse, once she left WP, so did her links. It was like she disappeared. I could barely find her new work at Newsweek. But in retrospect, it was the first sign of change.

I never got into the London Evening Standard until recently. When I lived in London, in 2008, I had read a really good piece in the magazine version about Frida Giannini, creative director of GUCCI. But that’s it. However, I’ve grown fond of Laura Craik, the newspaper’s fashion editor, who has also (just) announced she’s taking over Laura Armstrong’s fashion post at the pay-per-read Times UK. Armstrong, whose work I read in British Vogue, has gone to Telegraph Fashion replacing Hilary Alexander who’s off do her own thing. All this is funny to me because they are all my favourite Fashion Journalists.

And now I’m leaving – off to the melting pot yet again. But with a lot more optimism than last time.

My landlady had told me that my 2011 chinese horoscope (I’m a dog) says I need to embrace change. So I guess it’s time to embrace change, right?

Milan Fashion Week: Gucci

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Must take note: A couple of days ago, I received my ‘golden’ e-invitation to watch a livestream of Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2011-12 collection. It was a bit unexpected, but looking at the wealth of information readily available (online forums, Facebook, Twitter), the only disadvantage is not being able to see the fabrics up close. Well, Italy is about six hours ahead of Toronto, so, I missed the show. But, but I think I’ll be okay.

Since taking over design responsibilities, Frida Giannini did some major spring cleaning to Gucci‘s archive. Introduced contemporary modernism, and androgyny all while maintaining the brands’ sensuality. Now, it looks like she’s reverting back to something.

It is a beautiful collection? Absolutely. It is one of her best? No. But when I look at the collection, I see Bianca Jagger’s carefree spirit juxtaposed with Anita Pallenberg’s strong sense of identity. And this is enough to satisfy me. But even if she is referencing things of the past, there’s no need to expect her to ‘go back’ to what we think we’ve come to know by reverting to what she presented before. It’s okay to throw people off, once in a while.

Shout out to FataleFashion for providing the video.

Fashion icon: Róisín Murphy

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Irish singer/song writer Róisín Murphy, the original mega-fashion plate (of the 21st century) with the silky vocal chords doesn’t get 1/8th of the proper recognition she deserves.

You might remember her melodic voice from this song:

Keep listening, this isn’t the radio-friendly version you know. Ms. Murphy was half of the underground house duo Moloko, and this 1998 hit – ‘Sing it back’ – was her claim to international fame.

Róisín Murphy in Gareth Pugh via her fan blog

Since then, she has gone on to release two solo albums: Ruby Blue (2005) and Overpowered (2007), the latter being her most recognizable, yet still on a small scale.

She did a cover of Bryan Ferry’s ‘Slave to Love’

which subsequently shot her into to the top 10 of the US Hot 100 charts. Her seductive vocals and its mid-tempo production became the sound behind the ad campaign for Gucci‘s men’s fragrance, Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme starring none other than Mr. 127 HoursJames Franco.

Unless you’re a die hard fan, chances are, you have not heard a peep.But don’t underestimate her this wonderous woman. Ms. Murphy is a favourite amongst some the world’s most avante-garde. Her svelte figure has been primped in couture by the likes of Gucci:

via contact music

she has effortlessly sported Gareth Pugh’s futuristic goth ensembles, and Viktor & Rolf’s theatrical dresses.

via Exposay

Her performances have been turned into live installations, and she is damn well considered royalty among the ever-colourful gay community.

2010 marked slow but steady change for Ms. Murphy, she’s had a baby, released a few tracks including the powerful electrco-fused Mamma’s Place, and made some notable appearances at fashion shows.

Contrary to belief, Ms. Murphy, you are not Overpowered.

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Shout out to EMI for providing the video.