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Fashion Icon: Robin Givhan

In Fashion, Icon on August 16, 2010 at 9:43 pm

I’ve had many mentors in my life. And the fashion authority I admire, well, they are as cliché as Tim Blanks, Hilary Alexander, and Godfrey Deeny. But recently, I’ve developed a slight addiction to Ms. Robin Givhan, fashion editor for the Washington Post.

That’s another cliché , as we are both black women. However, in Ms. Givhan’s case, the depth in her stories stem from archaic libraries in that tiny storage disc that is her brain. You can taste the richness of her knowledge; like a slice of red velvety cake. Conservative? Definitely. (That’s okay. I’m an advocate of British Vogue, I enjoy the Financial Times’ Fashion section, and I’m pro-Lisa Armstrong.) Ms. Givhan is a by-product of the 90s. The Princeton graduate started a Reporter covering Detroit’s techno music scene in the late 80s before transitioning into fashion. She’s won a Pulitzer Prize for her fashion criticism, and her work has appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and The New Yorker. She currently reports exclusively on the Obama family – in my opinion, the highest honour in North American standards – among her other journalistic responsibilities. Now, Ms. Givhan should be seen as a role model to women of all creeds. But I digress.

My focus is clearer now than it was yesterday. I don’t want ephemeral respect. I want to be known as someone whose tight grasp of fashion’s history translates into a cohesive analysis of its future. Is it ambitious to aim for award-winning applaud? Perhaps appearances in the publications I so admire? I’m not concerned with being a “wordsmith,” but rather, making you feel full from what I  write. Among the true intellectuals on my radar are Alexandra Shulman, Harriet Quick, Tim Blanks – who cannot be left out of the equation – and Robin Givhan. Particularly Robin Givhan. She gives me what I will one day give you.

Good Look: Fashion blogger call out on FT

In Fashion, Good Look, Icon on November 16, 2009 at 11:01 pm

Wow, who would’ve thought?

There was a time when it was blasphemy for fashion blogs and print magazines to be in the same room together. Now, the Fashion Blogger has become the dominant voice in the industry, with invites and mentions in the world’s most prestigious press outlets. The most recent blogger to make the headlines is the Philippines-based Bryanboy, in a Financial Times article respectively titled: “Style bloggers take centre stage” by Deputy Fashion Editor Nicola Copping.  In the headlining image  is Bryanboy sitting next to the world’s most renowned fashion voices (those include Anna Wintour and IHT’s Suzy Menkes).

Bryan Boy’s personality is quite reflective on his blog; he’s a very sweat guy. I wish him so much success as he has become one of the most influential style voices out there.