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Musing: Chanel

In culture, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, RTW on June 7, 2010 at 12:51 am

Chanel – what I chic name. Then again, I’m attracted to all things chic. The way the name rolls off the tongue is like an ice cube melting in your mouth – the water drizzling down your chin. I’ve noticed, since I’ve been reading archives, Canadian magazines are in love with Chanel. Whether it’s fragrance, cruise collections or runway collections, they’re always front and center of this coveted french atelier.

Admittedly, I’m also a hardcore Chanel fan. Though I’m not sure if it’s more about the man behind the brand than the brand itself. Could it be that Canadian magazine Editors saturate the brand to be closer to him? I mean, Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld is a character all himself. With his starched-high collars, sleek black shades and leather motorcycle gloves emblem, he is the epitome of quintessential chic.

Since falling in love with Goth culture, I’ve noticed the dark underpinnings in his Chanel collections (considering Fendi and his namesake are more commercially appealing). I’m addicted to victorian-ruffled blouses, the monochromatic black scale palette (of course), jabots, admirals, Jacquard prints, brocade – all of it. And the younger Chanel, the ready-to-wear Chanel, exemplifies that gothic element for me. She’s what I aspire to be; mysterious, confident and forward. Obviously not all of it, but it peaks it’s pretty head; a shirt here, pant there, even a tweak in it’s traditional tweed jacket.

I’ve made an official claim that I’ll be sitting front and centre at the fashion world’s most sought-after collections, starting this year. And Chanel is not, by no means, exempt from this promise. I better get busy, I have a lot of work to do.

Swathed in black fabric, the way I like it.

The man of my dreams? Not quite, but he’ll do for now.

Trend Report: Black Patent

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You can be a flirtatious lolita, or a sultry vixen. But why be one when there’s room for both? Since blossoming into an unofficial Givenchy princess, I’ve become a something of – a black maven. Forget colour, I know what’s best. Many people  consider black to be safe, but it’s not. It’s gothic, absorbs heat, and it’s distant. Most of all, you have to find ways to make it interesting; a hard feat when your eyes are as black as a bat’s cave.

When wearing black, the shoes have to match. And I realize material is extremely important. Suede can be risky – it’s afraid of water and impossible to clean properly. Leather is good, but it can feel as heavy as it looks. I do however, like the idea of black lace shoes. Better yet, black lace with patent trimming. Or patent wedges – pay attention to those. That’s the ringer for me – patent. Oh yes, I love the idea of patent  shoes matched with all black ready-to-wear attire.

So it’s a deal. When wearing black, keep it breezy. Free flowing wraps (oversized is best), leggings (no spandex – no shine), very light-weight denim,  and loose fitting t-shirts. Dresses are good, especially if short. Long is good too. Actually, I’m thinking jersey. Jersey fabric is key. Try to find a catsuit if you can, throw a wrap over it, and add some black patent shoes. There you go, you’ve got it. I’ll even give you a head start if you need it.

Dr. Martens patent boots.

Kurt Geiger’s Carvela Sleaze Patent Lace-up Ankel Boot available at ASOS

Givenchy lace sandal with patent leather trim

Fendi Patent Logo boot

Report Signature ankle boot

Mini Market patent leather wedges

Get My Look: Class to Class

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Hobo student wanderer by day:

Chrome Hearts nylon sleeveless vest, 2430 (Euros).

Hysteric Glamour “Nirvana” wool cardigan, 500 (Euros).

RVCA x Erin Wasson “If you Ain’t Cowboy, you ain’t shit” t-shirt, 70 (Euros).

Balmain short cotton pants, 890 (Euros).

Thomas Pink charcoal long wool socks, 15 (GBP).

AllSaints tread boot, 160 (GBP).

Longchamp x Andam “Pilage” bag (Jeremy Scott edition), 190 (Euros).

Tom Scott wool gloves scarf, 455 (Euros).

Cinderella by Night:

Révillon fox fur coat, 8100 (Euros).

Rachel Gilbert Lyla floor-length sequined silk gown, 950 (USD).

Maison Martin Margiela glass court pump, 1530 (euros).

Fendi beaded clutch.

All images by Colette and Net-A-Porter.