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NYFW 2011: Blood berry knits

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Images via and WWD

Great. Now I’ll never stop wearing oversized cardigans.

Musing: Diane von Furstenberg and Claridge’s Interior design project

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So, as it was, 200 people in the creative industry were exclusively gathered at the Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair, UK in celebration of its design collaboration with fashion design icon Diane von Furstenberg. As you can imagine, all eyes were on Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow who attended the event decked-out in all-black designer ensembles. But there were other, lesser-known attendees that were worthy of at least some fashion nods.  I say, to even be considered for an invitation from Ms. von Furstenberg means you must have sniffed in the right direction, someway, somehow.

Tom Ford is that beautiful man who every joe should aspire to be: sexy, seductive and effortless. You can’t imagine how many women out there gripe at his gayness. But you know, gay or straight, this fashion icon always looks clean, even with a bit of stubble (as seen here). And what’s he wearing? You guessed it, Tom Ford.

Supermodel extraordinaire Natalia Vodianova always radiates. This russian-born princess is a true rags-to-riches story. She’s one of the few catwalkers who has made the successful transition to the fairytale life. Dressed a silk chiffon purple dress with off-white Christian Louboutins, what can you really say about her? And to think that she has two kids.

Sure Mark Ronson has made the best-dressed list of countless men’s magazines. But haven’t you noticed how this awkwardly tall producer pulls off awkwardly tight floods? He’s working that doo-wop style to his advantage.

Ah, Joan Collins, the dynasty queen. She’s the one who made power shoulders and tacky-texan bela beauty a phenomenon. And as you can see, she’s traded in the bouffant for a subtler bob, but she’s still absolutely stunning.

I thoroughly enjoy artist Tracey Emin. She always looks like she’s having fun and she carries off her looks with an immense amount of confidence. In effect her outfits always work.

All I know about Bailey is that she’s a model – of some sort. The Chanel floor-length dress is worth noting. And she’s enviously waif (naturally). Not many can pull off Chanel; either it’s geared towards the haggard and old, or verythin. Preferrably both. Luckly, Bailey falls in the latter category. She did this one well.

Musing: Nathan Jenden A/W 2010

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After nine heartfelt years, DVF’s Nathan Jenden stepped down from the coveted throne as Creative Director to set his sights on cultivating his own namesake. DVF’s influence runs rampant throughout his eponymous collection, and he’s one of the few designers who continues to strut his catwalk with women of colour (he represents Benetton tribe to the fullest).

I’m new to Jenden’s empire; but the most obvious thing to me is his understated fame. Diane Von Furstenberg’s fashion line never had the shock value as Chanel or Dior, but it managed to build a solid following and was always in the top ten of the world’s most celebrated fashion brands. Reason being was the safety net factor; it didn’t step outside any boundaries, but women over the fresh-faced age could always ‘come home to DVF’. Jenden’s a young guy, though. And through his collection he experimented with being – perhaps – what he wished DVF would be. But being a talented designer for a bigger brand means  following the protocol for what that brand stands for.

I see what could be a cry for Lady Gaga and Rihanna in his current collection. Heck, I see this collection as a calling to any girl who likes to be equated with ‘fierce’  Amber Rose, Daphne Guinness, whoever. My eagerness is to see if he breaks the ceiling with this collection. It’s possible – we’ll see.

Rising Stars: Canada’s next “it” fashion bloggers

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You name them, we follow them. Whether it’s the self-imposed muses at Kingdom of Style, or the king of street stalking Sartorialist, fashion bloggers are the future.

We’ve shown our admiration for the Susie Style Bubbles, Bryan Boys and Tommy Tons, and Journalists from industry fashion bibles continue praise the mantras of those already on top. But fashion leaders must always be on the lookout for what’s new – what’s hot. Especially when a majority of the fashion bloggers shop at the same places.

The creme de la creme of High street retailers: American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Topshop are forever indebted to the fashionistas who consistently create looks on their blogs that inspire a growing batch of followers. Without this new school of “unofficial” spokespeople, fashion retailer’s net profits would plummet at jet speed.

This post is an ode the new generation of bloggers. They’re young, fashion-forward, and proudly Canadian.

Regardless of how different they are in content, the selected fashionistas have three things in common: high street style, thrift shops and character.

So here we go.(And by the way, all images are properties of the blog owners.)

The Dreamer: Rachel, 16, Serva Me, Servabo Te.

This young blogger loves pretty floral print dresses and far away places. In July 2008, Rachel founded  Save me, And I Will Save You. With piercing green eyes, fiery red hair, and a direct sense of fashion, Rachel updates her followers about fashion finds at Toronto’s vintage shops, and has a knack for binding art, fantasy books and music into her fashion entries. Though she has a passion for fashion, it’s easy to see her cultivating a career in the literary world, maybe with Penguin Books.

The Fashion Creator: Katia, 17, Blinding Bright Lights.

Whether Katia’s venturing european countries or strolling NYC, this Montrealer/Student  is a self-proclaimed “fashion-obsessed vegetarian with extremely high hopes for the future.” Fashion through her eyes is a cluttered barrage of colour, and putting looks together is much like changing underwear – she does it often. Her posts garner a legion of responses, which means she’s becoming a prominent voice within Canada’s fashion blogsphere. Maybe she’ll launch her own line, land a job at Colette or French Elle.

The Fashion Editor: Lea, 13, Lea Likes Fashion.

Don’t be fooled by the pouty demure in this picture; there’s nothing emo about Lea’s blog. In fact, it’s along the lines of UK’s Grazia. At just 13-years-old, Lea’s one of the most underrated yet promising personalities in Canadian fashion – literally. She’s a woman of little words but high on visual content. Noting Alexander McQueen as one of her favorite designers, she’s quick to post pre-season haute couture collections and one-on-one guides of her own daily looks. She’s got the look that will land her in front row of fashion weeks, and she’s got lifestyle flair; she posts food recipes and tips making her a well-rounded blogger. Word to the wise Lea, have you seen MCQ’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection of to die for bags?

The Society Girl: Olivia, 21,

She’s got a cute cropped cut and kick ass heels. And when she’s not giving the low down of what’s in her closet, Fashion Blogger Olivia does her own rendition of street stalking. She’s all about who’s who in the Vancouver’s (and abroad) fashion scene. She’s got a positive attitude and wears a bright smile to match. She’s definitely one of those fashionistas you’ll see working the PR circuit for a well-renowned fashion house, maybe Diane Von Furstenberg?

The Glam Girl: Abbey, 16, Abbey Karson Blog.

Abbey’s got enough style to be apart of the team behind über-fashion mags like Pop, or Katie Grand’s Love. Note the british mags mentioned; that’s because she’s cool, maybe too cool to be in Canada. With her doll-like features and semi-beehive hairstyle, Abbey is essentially Britpop to-the-max. The quality of the images on her blog are stunning and the fashion-girl-against-rural-backdrop (except when she is in front of her magazine poster plastered wall) is fresh and exciting.

The Indie Fashion Maven: Siân, 23, Good Stuff Here.

Out of all the bloggers, Siân would probably be the most anti-mainstream, though she genuinely is the most avant-garde. This Makeup Artist from Toronto’s style resonates throughout her blog; she’s one of those personalities you can see getting in with weekly indies like Toronto’s Now! Magazine, or working her magic through commissions from Creative Agencies. She’s an unapologetic blogger, not afraid to voice her dislikes which gives her platform a niche following. And, considering a lot of the fluff bloggers tend to do (myself included), that’s not such a bad thing. If all else fails, she can always become a spokes model for Carri Mundane’s Cassette Playa collection.

Why don’t you wear animal print

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it’s not only for cougars, you know. It’s a firey, confidence booster, and you’ll love how it emphasizes your curvaceous – or lack there of – figure.

While the animal print wasn’t a major trend on the runway, the designers that did it (Dian Van Furstenberg, Giambattista Valli, L.A.M.B respectively) held a consistent theme: The Safari adventure.

Wrapping your silhouette in animal print is much like a venture in the dangerous Congo; beware of the predator. For, when he sets his eye on you, he’ll want to do more than just buy you dinner (wink).

It’s deadly. Deadly sexy… indeed.

Good Look – Cheryl Cole

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Cheryl Cole is not known on the northern hemisphere of the planet (at least not enough to have an impact), but in the UK she’s beyond media darling. She’s somewhat of a quasi-God to the slebrity-obsessed and fashion press a like.

She is beautiful, that’s for sure. And her story is relatable. She grew up on the rough side of England on an estate ( over there, the estates are not-so-good). She won a reality TV competition landing a spot in group Girls Aloud (basically, a contemporary, modernized version of Spice Girls). Surprisingly, the group hasn’t crossed over as their predecessors did. But her life is a fairy tale – with a lot of loopholes. She married mega-rich Soccer Pro Ashley Cole (He plays for Chelsea), and over a short course of time her look has gone from chav, to WAG, to a woman all her own. However, she still has a bit of that Chav mentality complementing her history of bar fights and potty mouth square offs with other celebrities. But as they say, you can take the ghetto out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out the ghetto. Regardless of her raucous ways, she’s graced countless magazine covers and has been placed at the top of almost all of UK’s best dressed lists. While I do definitely question all the hype, I have to salute the fact that she made the cover of British Vogue.

I’ve never seen Ms. Cole look as good as she did within those pages. And I don’t think I ever will again. I do believe it’s a good idea for her to revel in her fame while it’s around. Her style counsel is steering her in the right direction; I sure hope that she’ll settle into her look and become a true fashion icon.

Get The Look

The Top – Chale Pussy-Bow Blouse by Diane von Furstenberg. $261 (CAD).

I do prefer a long-sleeve with sequin leggings – especially with sequin leggings. I also prefer if the blouse covers the bum and it doesn’t look like this one does, but chances are you may have a coat on top anyway.

The Pant – Dégradé Sequin Leggings by Stella McCartney. $837.20 (USD).

Apparently they’re sold out. You’ve got to be kidding me. These are the most gorgeous sequin leggings I’ve ever seen. The dégradé effect adds elegance and in a way, it tells you how to wear them. Start light as a top and make sure the shoes are dark – but not brown or black, please.

The Shoe – Taupe Moos pump by Aldo. $90(USD).
The Accessories:

The Broach – I found this Cream Pearl and Crystal Cluster Brooch for $14.99 (USD) by White Aisle.

The bracelet
Silver-tone Swarovski Crystal-Embellished Bracelet by Roberto Cavalli. $1,415 (USD).
The Bag – Lace Detail Bag by Zagliani. 3,565 (GBP). Available at Browns Fashion.