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In The Know: Handbag’s 2009 Online Fashion Awards

In culture, Fashion, In the Know on November 21, 2009 at 12:52 am

So this cute little magazine UK website called is having their first ever 2009 Online Fashion Awards. The panel consists of many online fashion authorities including Handbag Fashion Director Belinda White, Courtney Blackman (Fashion Business club), Laura Street (Fab Sugar), and Leon Bailey-Green (The Online Fashion Agency).

Fashion Blog nominees are as follows:

Susie StyleBubble (of course)


Mademoiselle Robot

Knight Cat

Disney Roller Girl

Park & Cube

I must say though, I understand they may be patriotic in wanting to keep it British, but they could have put beloved Bryanboy and Tommy Ton on there, but I digress.

You can also vote for online e-tailers, your favorite fashion brands and more. Vote for your chance to win 250 (GBP).

Just so you know, you’ll be voting for me next year.

For more info, visit: