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LFW Fall 2011: Louise Gray

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Must take note: Louise Gray is one of the most talented, underrated designers of my generation. And the crazy layering was not, believe it or not, a distraction from the pieces showcased. It’s important to pay attention to tweed. But forget the traditional greys and beige colour ways, it looks like the best way to go is bright hues of reds, blues and purples. it will take a lot to pry me away from my black palette, but Gray might have persuaded me over to the rainbow side.

Jersey Maxi Dress via ASOS

Get the Look: Elly Jackson

In Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, London, style, UK on May 3, 2010 at 6:26 pm

Elly Jackson (La Roux)’s style is certainly having an impact on the world. Who would’ve thought that this tender 21-year-old ginger, who once sported a folkly look with waist-length hair would become this super-pop, super-hot icon we’re seeing today.

Jackson’s got the right amount of  goth, nu-rave and rock’n’rolla to make the sexes swoon and still avoid looking like a jumble of crap! Says a lot. Congrats to her styling team for brilliantly putting her together. Sure enough, Jackson’s got a grasp on her fashion (London’s a melting pot, it’ll have an effect on anyone for god’s sake), but her teams glaming it up with futuristic explosion! What’s particularly fab is that cameo necklace she’s constantly wearing. The British emblem’s been juxtaposed with colourful leggings, a Piet Mondrian print jacket, Mars(ed)-out eyeshadow and her signature coif! I guess she’s letting people know that even though she’s upgraded, she’s still Elly from the block.

If you’re taking on the look, this confidence, confidence and a whole lot more of that confidence thingy is crucial. Sprinkle some Ziggy Stardust in your coffee and just get on with it. Cameo necklaces are worn in the most boring or conventional (gothic) ways. Do like Jackson and put a new spin on Victoriana!

Sass and Bide Heart In A Cage jacket $465. Available at Net-A-Porter.

Jonathan Saunders Totem print T-shirt (get XXL) $285. Available at N-A-P.

Moschino Leggings Shocking 349 Euros. Available at Jades24.

Proenza Schouler Black Suede Wedge, $774. Available at Mrs. H.

Cameo Locklet Necklace 14 (GBP). Available at Love Hearts and Crosses.

ASOS Statement cameo stretch bracelet, $20.29. Available at ASOS.

One to Watch: Style Stalker

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Whenever fashion gets loquacious it’s always nice to be brought back to reality with some  simplicity. Australian-born and bred Style Stalker‘s a good fix for that…

Kind of like a mini ASOS and launched in 2008, the team behind Style Stalker has taken the e-tailing route turning their line into a full out brand. Very high-street, and minimalistic, it’s got the skin but not too much down packed; great  it you want ‘sexy enough to pass as a groupie but I’ll sock you if you try thing’ look. With price ranges of  between $60 to $200 (USD)and international shipping, it’s a good idea to get a bit of staples now before you end up on a waiting list due to popular demand.

Fashion Heat: The world has gone GAGA

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You name it, Lady Gaga has almost done them all. All that’s missing is Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Time, and National Geographic.