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Fashion Editors suck

In Fashion, Op Ed., Out vs. IN on May 22, 2010 at 3:16 pm

Just kidding. You liked that didn’t you… (wink).

I’ve noticed that fashion magazines – particularly Canadian ones – have a knack for enticing readers into the glamorous world of an Editor’s closet with the phrase “Shop Like a Fashion Editor”. Oh you know, they strut into their quarters head-to-toe in RTW, and scour the country for first-rate finds you don’t have access to because , unfortunately, you are not one of them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – it’s just cliché, and not true. Fashion Editors, and I say this from experience, are probably the most understated people. Sure, there’s some over-the-top ones, but for the most part,  low-key is what makes the good ones so talented. Besides, this isn’t the 1950s,you’re not deprived; you have access to big cities (if you don’t already live in one), television, public and private transport – the world is virtually yours.

Lets not say fashion editors in general, there’s a difference, but good Market Editors are on point with  trends. And that’s because after dozens of store openings and countless appointments, what makes the pages are considered (in their opinion) the choice of the month. They don’t have access to anything over you – it’s their job. Simple. I read a lot of magazines, and I conclude that the more down-to-earth Editors (shout out to British Vogue) who bring a more “everyday” perspective to fashion , are the most interesting. You don’t need to “shop like a Fashion Editor” because you’re already fabulous. They’re just telling you “here’s what you may have missed,” or “you really need to know about this  because, it’s hot.”

 That’s why there should be a ban on that phrase. Why not something like “Edit”, that’s so much more modern. Living in such a fast-moving world means you, the reader, can easily one-up any fashion editor, but because you’re busy with your own sex in the city life, they’re there to add to your already fantastically wonderful wardrobe.

And yeah I have an issue with Sex and the City too but that’s for another discussion.

American Apparel OUT x LnA Clothing IN!

In Fashion, Out vs. IN, Shopping, Trend on November 9, 2009 at 4:33 pm


Sure, there was a time when American Apparel really was the hottest brand – even to me. But as a fashion scavenger it’s important to understand why something is hot, and why it deserves accreditation. AA was a brand that was cool to wear, now it’s simply a brand that will always have those token pieces you can’t do without: that charcoal men’s cardigan, the red hoodie, and most importantly – black leggings. But the brand is loosing its lustre for the fashionably conscious moving into the world of high school innocence. And that’s fine, let the kids have it because there’s a much cooler brand in town.

Okay, so the hot tees-and-hoodies brand LnA Clothing has more than a few things in common with AA (the main thing being they’re both LA-based brands). But what sets LnA apart is that for one, it’s made by girls. In 1997, Lauren Alexander and April Leight started LnA with the intention of just basic tees. Another refreshing element is that the clothes are the rockstars that sell themselves, not underage models or the maker behind the madness (hint: AA owner Dov Charney and his constant in-your-face tactics)

I do notice LnA has been getting quite a bit of press in UK glossies. If the Brits say it’s hot they must be, you know.

Hunter Boot OUT, Moovboot IN!

In Fashion, Out vs. IN, Shoes, Shopping, Trend on November 9, 2009 at 3:27 pm

It’s quite liberating when you’re one of the few to spot a new fashion yes. Not that Hunter boots are bad (I’m still waiting to get those god-Awful Uggs), but you know that once it’s been filtered through the saturation process, it’s probably time to move on.

A couple of months ago when I was shopping for Wellie prospects, I walked into Queen West’s shoe boutique Get Outside when literally, an Ali G wannabe Sales rep tried to talk me into benefits of buying a Hunter Boot. My eye zoomed on an interesting looking pair of rainboots by a brand I didn’t know, but the price was a startling $350 dollars! “Why would I spend so much on rainboots?” He didn’t know how to answer the question. He asked his colleague behind the cash desk. “Because there moooovboots” she responded in a didn’t you know tone. Well, I still wasn’t convinced, and ended up getting my biker stormy rubber boots by Michael Kors for $170 instead.

Months later I’m looking for the new trend. I was contemplating between Burberry’s traditional checked wellies and even Lacoste’s bright coloured Welby ones, but I decided to give these Moovboots a try.

The Moovboot is an Australian brand made by sister-duo Meisha Strykowski and Bryony Proctor. According their website, the moovboot is a “sheepskin lined luxury Wellingtons,” and the brand places emphasis on creating a culture of dreamlike qualities rather than a regular ole’ fashion boot. Moovboot made a major launch in Canada this past October and while I’m not sure if they’re produce the results they want here, if they can get the boots on to enough blogs like this one, and some slebrity product placements they may become the next big thing.