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Menswear Fashion Week 2012: Missoni

In Men, Milan on June 19, 2011 at 9:08 pm


Based on the tweets on the Missoni presentation, one has to wonder what was more interesting: the cheese being served as Hors d’œuvres, or the fact that Angela Missoni reinvented the Olympic tracksuit designed by Ottavio Misson, the brand’s founder, for the 1948 games. Both, as it turns out, were amusing, though the latter was far more significant.

London is hosting the 2012 Olympics . It’s a befitting muse for the 2012 collections. The presentation was emblematic for all things sportswear: shorts, cable-knit sweaters and classic cut cardigans that are sure to be picked up by those buff-up athletes hitting the tracks. And of course, what would Missoni be without colour however, the staples were blacks and greys. Practicality at its best.

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Menswear Fashion Week 2012: Prada

In Men, Milan on June 19, 2011 at 7:40 pm

Prada’s menswear presentation has been called many things. But a‘ fairytale rainbow explosion’ – by fashion blogger Isaac Likes seemed to be the most interesting. Whether you’d call it that is questionable. But Ms. Prada’s boundary-pushing tactics always have people thinking – and saying – the most outlandish things. It was colourful. Large hippy-ish floral prints set the tone for the collection, as well as the wide lapels on jackets and those adorable messenger boy caps. The `70 – an era many of us have been been trying to get away from- was front-and-centre on Prada’s runway. And that’s OK. Ms. Prada is a trendsetter. You can bet you’ll be seeing these trends splattered on the streets very soon.

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Milan Fashion Week: John Richmond

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Alright, so here we go. I like to be stimulated. And while fashion is ‘just clothes’, there is a cerebral thought process that goes into what I wear. I don’t impulse buy anymore. My palette is black. My skirts and dresses are super tight and, in most cases, super short. I like boots and super high heels. That said, John Richmond is my kind of guy. With the exception of a few ballroom gowns, and sparkle – which I personally am not not into – it spoke my language.

There was nothing over-the-top, but once again, John Richmond is being true to what he’s about, and, as you can see with the smokey eyes and coiffed hair, it’s rock’n’roll. Contrary to popular belief, and Balmain’s much too much rockstar glitter, this type of glam will never go out of style. Girls will always have an urge, like Rihanna, to be bad. And, as you can see by many self-style blogs, not come their hair. Most of all, they want to exude that appeal without really having to do the work. And it’s okay if Richmond is there to provide a bit of support.