Musing: Donald Glover

In Fashion on April 16, 2012 at 1:10 pm

Once upon a time, I liked a black guy similar to Donald Glover. Well, I don’t know how similar, but they tend to be a ‘type’. He’s the type of black guy that’s not your typical black guy. He’s a black who’s around white people. Not because he wants to be, but that’s just his normality. But with that comes the inclination for white women. It’s one of those strange situations where, you will both meet, and probably be really good for each other, but, it’s not gonna happen, because if he’s not into Becky, there’s about 10 Becky’s into him. But, in the ideal world, in my dark twisted fantasy, it would be a pretty normal encounter. You know, a good-looking couple (not to mention stylish, funny and pleasant) feeding off of each other’s brilliance, getting specialty coffees at some cafe in the city, hanging out in pubs. You know, doing things typical white people do… No biggie.

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