London style

In Fashion on February 23, 2012 at 8:36 pm

I’m not a negative person. Really. I promise. But more and more, what I’m finding, is that my once virtuous naivety has matured into a “it is what it is” perspective. Maybe I’m just maturing. Once upon a time I had a very negative blog, which almost got the best of my burgeoning career.

To say I’m a burgeoning anything at this point my life, is an obvious understatement. But for some reason, what I’m doing, or trying to do seems to end with me trying to walk through a swamp of alligators. Not the ones you wear as accessories. I’m not depressed. 2011 was a very, very good year. But opportunities were juxtaposed with frustration. However, they came seamlessly. And I was always half in the door. But for some reason. Right now, in 2012, when I should very well have pushed through and created a cozy little space, I’m still half-and-half. I have enough to say, hey, I am good. I can do it. Perhaps I don’t know what I’m up against. Do you know that feeling? You’ve got it, but maybe  you haven’t got it like that after all. Why is it then, when I’m such a good fit, you have to find a reason for me not to be? Maybe I don’t know as much as I think? I mean,  when I talk, I have points to back my shit up. So what’s the problem?  I’ll admit to when I fall short. I get found out. And that’s OK.

Or maybe it’s the sess pool that is London. Or England. UK. Great Britain. A country that encapsulates you, makes you love it, but can equally make you hate the place. A love/hate relationship. So, do I stay, or do I go before things get really bad. Or maybe it’s that simple. When you start to feel so much as an inkling of insecurity, get the fuck out.

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