Dear @Drake : You, me and the ugly sweater

In Fashion on February 1, 2012 at 8:47 pm


Drake with one of the original Sweater gods. Image by Getty.

We’ve all been there. I’ve had more than my fair share of ugly sweaters. Mine started with my Dad’s Bill Cosby-esque collection of patchwork knits conjoined by tacky strips of leather.  My grandmother also used to knit sweaters. And a ‘family’ friend named Paula. When they gave me their oversized, totally unfashionable concoctions, I politely – with internal disgust – accepted their gifts. But you know what, when worked under my stylish staples: a classic GAP denim jacket being one, they didn’t look so bad. I did however, run out on my luck as a Shop Assistant for Canadian fashion boutique Jacob. A turn of events almost caused me to loose my job.

It was Christmas season. I was 17 and bougie (stuck up) as hell. I was a greeter. Bad enough I hated saying ‘hi’ to people who walked into the store. I was forced, literally, to wear their exclusive Christmas knit: an embarrassingly bad sweater covered in snowflakes and reindeer. I almost cried. I was defiant. My manager had to pull me aside and talk to me. Considering I can remember this, obviously it had to have scarred me. But suddenly, as of late, I find myself thinking these Christmas sweaters are cool. Could it be because of Drake?

I think not. Drake can’t rock a sweater any better than I can. And while his notoriety has made him something of a knit authority, his sweater skills don’t match that of the everyday fellas who wear the sweater with natural ‘swag’.


Bernhard Willhelm wears a knit like no one’s business. Via In the moment

So, is this really an open letter to the current Underground King? Could be. Perhaps he needs to step his sweater game up. As part of VIBE’s 20 questions, one of the questions asked if the urban(e) i.e., mundane brand COOGI would give Drake a campaign. Are you kidding me? Drake might be hood, but he’s not destitute.

So, Drake, here’s an ode to the godfathers – past and present – who wore the knitted sweater with more zeal than you. Perhaps you’ll look good enough to get snapped by a style blogger this year. And I’m leaning more towards The Sartorialist.

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