Musing: Nails down

In Beauty on July 20, 2011 at 8:48 pm

Right about now, and I don’t know why, but everyone of my finger nails are rimmed with black. This always seems to happen with me in London, and picking at dilemma only seems to make it worse. Solution? Tis the weekend for maintenance.

There was a time when I was high maintenance. (And yes, it was a time, considering I have not invested in my appearance since then.) I loved colourful, elaborate nails. Actually, I just loved getting my nails done. By the obvious look of my fingers, even though I live in a ridiculously expensive city, my appearance means more than even the food I consume – that altogether, is another story.

I am 29. Therefore, the days of elaborate designs are done for. But my wardrobe consists of blacks and other muted hues. This means I should probably aim for nail polish that’ll bring out an ounce of my personality.

That said, I am facing a bit of dilemma. While nail design is out of the question, I am determined to wow my colleagues – and strangers alike – with my impeccable taste in branded nail colours.

I am not into glitter, nor am I into reds, pinks or shimmery palettes. But I am into creamy colours. I’m also into the idea of polish by a fashion designer. Chanel? Too played out. Dior, hmm, might do, but not really. Yves Saint Laurent? I’m noticing that one. I was in awe of a limited-edition rich sunshine yellow at Selfridges. Price? £16.50, but it is a showstopper. I may have to consider.

Then there’s Suede by Opi, a forest green that reminds me of colour I bought from Sephora but never wore. I like however, I find it a bit morbid. Yes, morbid. Because beyond my blacks and greys, I am a quirky, silly girl. The last thing I want to do is give off another f**k you vibe.

But then there’s a lovely deep teal blue called Muse by Illamasqua. Very sexy, indeed. Seems to add the right balance between serious and light hearted. I’m confused!

Until I find this acid-orange shade by Givenchy Vernis. Y’know, I like anything Givenchy: make-up, clothes, models, it doesn’t matter. But I really like this creamy orange against my toffee complexion.
Well, I suppose, it’s been narrowed down to two. Which one will I choose, I suppose the saga continues.

  1. You should realy give yellow nailpolish a try. It looks very designy, futuristic, modern and original. ESPECIALLY if you weare a lot of black. But not the metallic/glitter yellow, but just pure, plain bright yellow. I use one of those too and get lots of compliments ( from the right people 🙂 )

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