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In Beauty, culture, style on June 9, 2011 at 6:50 pm

Sacha M’Baye via Beautiful Women and Men

I just wrote a piece for a magazine I hope I don’t regret. It was rather personal and entertained a fantasy I’ve been pondering for a minute. Which is funny because I always find personal essays, particularly on sex, drugs and things of this nature to be tacky.

I didn’t always used to be like this. There was a time when I had a rather ‘intimate’ blog. But times have changed. I relish inspiring people with my experiences, but I don’t want or need any favours. And I don’t consider it tasteful. But maybe I’m being a bit delusional and it’s not as bad as I think.

When I chose the topic, I kinda sorta thought it would be hard to come up with a 900 word pice on it. (And I should say that I’ve been getting a lot of long-winded commissions as of late.) But I knocked it out. Sure, it took a bit of thinking; had to (try) and come up with a cohesive argument, but as I got to writing, I saw the point I was trying to illustrate. What I will say, is it pertains to beauty. A man’s beauty, and how this plays a part in my life.

Looking back on men I’ve been involved with, non of them were 10s. By any means. Matter-of-fact, some were butt ugly. OK. Maybe not ‘butt’ but I could have done better. So now, I’ve taken a step back and decided I’d like to have a dime. Yes, I want a 10 out 10. But I don’t want a bum. I want a dime piece that can do for me. HA! I suppose that’s a long shot for most. But I mean, I’ve been on these sub-par dudes for such a long time, that it’s time to get me one that’s got it. I want tall kids. They’ll be smart,  and driven, especially with my genes. And they’ll be privileged with beauty. I mean, that’s inevitable.

I’m not saying  I want a dream. But I mean, I think it’s time to up the stakes when it comes to things I’ve compromised in the past.

So, with this article, or essay, if you will, I went with what’s considered the highest tier. That way, if he’s not particularly that thing, but he sure as hell could pass for it, then I’m good. And there’s a lot of that here, in Europe. Shoot, there’s a heck more of that here than in Toronto. I’ve heard they tend to be in New York, but I’ve been there enough to say they’re not hovering in areas in the open. That’s for sure.

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