Left my heart at the airport

In culture on May 30, 2011 at 3:10 pm

Oh look, I’ve been revealed. There I am, not the dashingly handsome lad leering seductively into the camera. The other one, with the gummy smile. I don’t always show that much gums, I promise. It took us a while to get that picture. Lord knows it has taken me forever to finally decide to ‘show’ my face. But it was a wonderful moment, last night. Loud music thumping, my beautiful friend starring into my eyes, assuring me everything will be okay. Along with my newfound friend looking on and sharing an expensive margarita pizza with me. I learned a lot about people. And I will be making my movements accordingly. I am not an entourage type of girl, perhaps when I was younger, but now, though I realise I cannot be the introvert I was in Toronto, I have to be extra careful considering the direction I am heading.

There are people that want to be your friend for the novelty of it. Then there are friends that are making movements that will help you, and you will help them just as much. Contrary to a lot hearsay, I have been blessed with friends in London who actually care, and are working as a collective to make things happen. Those who I have had to question, for any reason, will be kept at arm’s length. If they are new to the equation, I am open, but with caution. And then there are the ones I just get on with, my spirit takes to them, and I’ll go with the motions. This is crucial. There was something I left behind in Canada.

Something I thought I held dear to me. And it wasn’t until I finally let it go that I realise how free I felt. Now, I meet people, and I can compartmentalize. I just know where that person fits into my life, if at all. And because I trust GOD, there are people who I know I can trust completely, because of the blessing. I’m not immune to bad judgement. It gets the best of all of us. But after downing a shot of Absinthe in addition to two Jack Daniels and Cokes and not feel a damn thing, I have got to be one tough cookie.

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