In Fashion on May 27, 2011 at 7:38 pm

If you’ve read my blog, you already know I have an obsession with Jil Sander. I don’t know how it happened. But boy am I glad. I don’t really know how it happened, but Jil Sander has become apart of my style mantra. If I’m not punk-Goth, or street, I’m minimal. I suppose the clean lines are what first attracted me to the brand, and I never strayed. I’m a loyal type of gal. Good things come to those who wait. While I can’t afford, for the time being, to purchase the brand in its higher price points – under its new designer, Raf Simons – I am more than happy to indulge in the ‘accessible’ brand by the original Jil Sander.

After continuous musing, for the first time I bought my Uniqlo +J was in March of this year. I bought a military green blazer. Since coming back to London, I bought this stunning, absolutely stunning, short-sleeved cocoon dress in black. All I could feel was overwhelmed. Because, I have my outfits, thanks to this coveted brand, mapped out for Paris Fashion Week. And Milan Fashion Week should I choose to go.

You don’t need to look too closely to see the quality in this item. From the stitching to the cut, Jil Sander has done a phenomenal job executing her vision using mass-production methods. All the while, the standards are high. This is a feat not many can do. I’m not one to go crazy over high-street collaborations. I did not by the Lavin for H&M collaboration, matter-of-fact, nor any of the editions from that series. It was not because the clothing was not good. Quite the contrary. It was simply because I was waiting for something that would speak to me.

I no longer buy clothing for the sake of buying clothes. I travel, which has lead to careful editing. It is imperative that I have staple pieces that I will cherish for years. It has come to the point that I wear things until they get holes. That’s how much longevity and practicality means to me. And this is why this collaboration means as much to me as it does.

So, here’s to a successful union. I look forward to a fruitful life with one of the most economical brands in the world.

See more of my favourite items on my TUMBLR

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