Some morning fun

In Fashion on May 20, 2011 at 12:04 pm

Shout out to Hightsnobiety for locking these down.

I use to be a Sponge Bob freak. Shoot. I still have my SB pillow. He’s tucked behind me right now. But there was a time when I was ‘Sponge cards, Sponge cards, Sponge Bob everything.” Down to my PJs. So I got a bit sentimental when I came upon these Sponge Bob glasses by the newly launched French eyewear brand Nunettes. But for those of you trying to get on these (they’re available at Colette), don’t get your hopes up, they’re already sold out. Probably because they’re only 29 euro a pair. If you’re a patriot, you can get your Nunettes in ode to your home country. I’m not missing out, though. I haven’t seen Canada on their map.

You can check out some of my favourites on my Tumblr

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