The Dream

In Fashion on May 15, 2011 at 6:30 pm

I go in, and I go hard. But for some reason, my stomach always turns to pits while I’m in it. What exactly is ‘it’ you ask? Well, it’s having a vision, and somehow, making it materialize, exactly how I thought it would. I’ve been through this before. But this time, I’m living in some new era where I’m creating my own path.

The image above is a video capture that leads to something bigger. It’s just a starting point. But if I handle with care, this will blossom into something I would only imagine about before. But I’ve got to take small steps; be strategic. And while I’m on this path, I have to find a way to maneuverer this into the right direction.

I know I’m speaking cryptic to right now. But that’s what happens when you can’t afford to be ostentatious. An uncle of mine gave me some advice “if you’re after something, you have to make it an obsession,” and sometimes, being obsessed only dug me into a deeper hole. But this time, I’ve aligned my dream with something bigger than myself. And I guess who ever I’m speaking to (up there) is finally lending a helping hand.

Let’s see what happens.

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