In Editor, Fashion on May 11, 2011 at 7:44 pm

It all started earlier this year when Robin Givhan announced she was leaving her 15+ year career as Fashion Editor at the Washington Post, to join Newsweek. The thought, and practice, of bookmarking a link engraved in your mind was enough. Now, I have to follower elsewhere. What was worse, once she left WP, so did her links. It was like she disappeared. I could barely find her new work at Newsweek. But in retrospect, it was the first sign of change.

I never got into the London Evening Standard until recently. When I lived in London, in 2008, I had read a really good piece in the magazine version about Frida Giannini, creative director of GUCCI. But that’s it. However, I’ve grown fond of Laura Craik, the newspaper’s fashion editor, who has also (just) announced she’s taking over Laura Armstrong’s fashion post at the pay-per-read Times UK. Armstrong, whose work I read in British Vogue, has gone to Telegraph Fashion replacing Hilary Alexander who’s off do her own thing. All this is funny to me because they are all my favourite Fashion Journalists.

And now I’m leaving – off to the melting pot yet again. But with a lot more optimism than last time.

My landlady had told me that my 2011 chinese horoscope (I’m a dog) says I need to embrace change. So I guess it’s time to embrace change, right?

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