In style on May 10, 2011 at 11:46 pm

Here we go:

When I created, the intent was to split my personality. I used to have a schizophrenic blog (which has since died), but that wasn’t doing me any favours. In order to get somewhere – anywhere – I had to separate the controversial, angry person, from the mainstream one that would get me work. And, in turn, it worked. Since then, I’ve eliminated the asshole altogether, and I can now say that I’m on my therapeutic path to enlightenment. It sounds corny, but it’s true. Mind you, that venter still lurks within, but as I’ve progressed, maintaining my dignity and a polished image has become a priority. Yes, it’s called growing up. was an exploration. It’s still apart of me. But, the thing is, I’m not a fashion person. I don’t obsess over the latest must-have item. I don’t care about fashion trends. Well, unless there’s a historical and sociological depth to them. So who am I to call my blog safra On Fashion, especially when I’ve shown a continuous preference for style?

I will be making this blog more personal. But no. You won’t be seeing my face. This is not ‘a look at me, I’m backstage at London Fashion Week‘ (yes, I’m moving back to London. Back home). Or a ‘I know how to dress’ blog. But it is a style blog. And though I’ve thought about it, I’m not going to emulate, or any other magazine I’ve dreamt of writing for. Will it be newsy? probably. Will it be sarcastic? Definitely. But it’s going to the next level. It’s going to show my production side, creative side, whatever side. But it’s all going to pertain to style.

Which is me. My style, is street. I’m a girl who likes menswear. I read Vogue, and i-D. I appreciate lifestyle: that means art, culture, and food. To me, fashion is ephemeral. Style is timeless. What more can I say? Most importantly, I have finally come to grips. I don’t need to be the next big thing. That’s fashion. But a matriarch – that’s style.

On another note: I’ll be honest. The reasoning behind this post was complete bullshit. It’s really called Safra On Style now, because I lost my domain name. So, I guess I’m still a bit schizo after all! (wink).

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