Menswear: Christopher Shannon

In Fashion on February 23, 2011 at 2:00 pm

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If I haven’t covered a lot of menswear during fashion week, it’s not because I don’t want to. It’s just that the womenswear schedule took up so much of my time, and as I said in my last post, it’s impossible to be in multiple places at once. But it’s funny. Because despite the lack of support for menswear in general, that’s where the good stuff is – from a creative standpoint, at least. Like, for instance, Christopher Shannon. This British-based fashion designer isn’t a ‘household’ name simply because he’s not a mainstream brand. Sure, he’s collaborated with luggage maker Eastpak, but he’s street. Maybe too street for some.

I mean, hey,there’s not a lot of guys brave enough to rock a two-tone silk ruffled shirt now, is there. But the detailing is worth noting. And Shannon doesn’t even entertain the ‘men dressing as women’ phenomenon that had people in heat last year. Shannon is very British – no shit – but also against the grain. Don’t expect to see the stereotypical plaid and tartan prints equated with “British style.” I wouldn’t say that it’s hipster, either. Shannon knows his trends (i.e., leather trimmings) but he’s not trying, as I’ve witnessed at New York Fashion Week, surprisingly by mainstream brands.

What most people need to realize, as demonstrated throughout the British designers I’ve covered throughout this series, is that, whether we can afford to wear them or not, there’s a pattern. They haven’t compromised. On another note, I think that should be the beauty of menswear. Taking the simplest element: a pant, jacket, shirt, and finding a way to make it interesting. And whoever gravitates to it – will get it. That’s it.

The video provided is from last season, but allow me to introduce you to the talented Christopher Shannon.

Shout out to Topman for providing the video.

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