LFW Fall 2011: Pam Hogg

In British, designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, London on February 21, 2011 at 9:39 pm

via Getty

Must take note: Hmm, this is a hard one. Pam Hogg’s skin tight catsuits are, essentially, as punk as they come. This whole, thing of the `80s and ‘naughties’ (`90s) hasn’t changed with the exception of, well, nothing! But I admire Hogg, because she’s the epitome of ‘London cool’ and at this point, she has surpassed a ‘type’. She (along with Vivienne Westwood) are not subject to time. They’re international brands with a religious cult following. And women of all ages love what they do. Hogg is a bit more underground than Westwood, which is why she hasn’t strayed too far from the grittier side of fashion. And I like it. I’ve seen many young brands try, some of them may succeed, but longevity is few and far between. If you can be that kind of designer and enjoy a fruitful career, consider yourself Hogg-ed!

  1. That’s more like it, models looking silly. I like the leather one, looks like she just stepped out an old Porsche 911 or maybe private jet. Stripey girl number three is cute, loose the boots perhaps. See, anyone can do this fashion lark. I’d say bare feet but no ones going to consume those!

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