LFW Fall 2011: Central Saint Martins MA

In British, designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Trend, Trend Report on February 20, 2011 at 9:35 pm

Must take note: I was really looking forward to the graduate segment of London Fashion Week. It’s the time when hungry hands are at their most creative, and it goes on to define their identities in the fashion world. Central Saint Martins is, by far, the best school to master the fashion craft – in any genre. And while I was blown away by many of the collections, I felt a strong sense of restraint. I’m not sure what that was about: trying to secure a job (something that seemed really obvious by some), or uncertainty of what message they were trying to get across. There was, admittedly, times when it felt like the show was going on forever, which I don’t think is a good thing.

The show started off strong: Jenny Postle sent creations reminiscent of the wounded creatures in ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ down the runway – it mesmerizing. Ji Young Pyo made a statement with wooden blocks covering the models faces, but demonstrated strong draping capabilities, and, she knows her fabrics. Bethan Silverwood’s bouncy blocks (dresses) has some interesting moments, but after a while, they just started to blend into one another. Phoebe English constructed wonderfully intriguing dresses out of hair while Viktor Smedinge played on a scroll theme which ultimately won him (and England) the evening’s award, and I’m certainly not surprised; I had my eye on English.

It was all very costumey – and for that, they all get an A for effort. But It’s unfortunate the bouts of boredom outweighed the excitement.

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