Starring Jeremy Scott (again)

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Fall 2011 via

I say again because of my seemingly unflinching loyalty to this man.

Jeremy Scott is a founding father of the club kid generation – an era that, for some reason, he’s not ready to let go of. Not that it matters – his sugary colour palette is a ray of light in such a down-trodden and fickle industry. But, admittedly, I am concerned. His namesake – in the form of a website – does not appear to be working, unless it’s just me. And with the exception of his line for Adidas Originals, he mainline doesn’t seem to be readily available either. You can, if you’re resourceful, find some pieces on eBay however, that doesn’t do a whole lot if you’re looking for size and variety.

There was a time, in the late `90s, when I took a fascination to Toronto’s version of that whole club kid phenomenon. Raves, as they were called, consisted of faux-fur flairs big enough to swim in, pacifiers and loads of sparkle. I was more into jungle and drum & bass, which meant I preferred hip-hop swag to the culture’s otherwise tacky excess. Do I consider that phase to be a fashion faux-pas? Absolutely not! Why, that’s when I was was at my most experimental. It was a time that taught me to embrace that I wasn’t, nor did I care to be, placed in the compounds of conformity. No thanks. And I suppose that my connection to Jeremy Scott’s line is that it’s reminiscent of those times, with bit more sophistication as time wears on.

Scott has shown at fashion weeks around the world before making his way back to New York this season. Taking all this into consideration, there is something not adding up. But he’s one of the lines I will – and would – fight for because he’s authentic. And, as mentioned, he brings that much needed humour to fashion we all so desperately need at times.

Spring 2011 via

Fall 2010 via

Jeremy Scott jewel dress via Opening Ceremony

Jeremy Scott Multicolored puffer via eBay

Jeremy Scott Fall 2011 runway

Shout out to retrogurl for providing the video.

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