I prefer Duro Olowu

In British, designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look on February 14, 2011 at 7:54 pm


Amid the celebrity circus of New York Fashion Week, I’m starting to realize the best moments are the hidden away ones. Those underrated designers praised for their intricate techniques and strong-willed integrity.

The London-based Duro Olowu is one of those designers. Just because you didn’t see Ms. Wintour make an appearance, it doesn’t mean that his clothes haven’t graced Vogue‘s pages. They probably have multiple times. And it’s because Olowu is challenges himself, buyers, customers with cultural references. He is a black designer, inspired by black culture, but you can’t look at his collection and not see the widespread appeal his clothing has.

His fall 2011 collection was held at Milk Studios. And the his muses, as told to Tim Black of, were black women in “James Van Der Zee‘s photographs of Harlem in the thirties.” If you have a look at the legendary photographer’s work, that’s not an easy inspiration to come by. For Van Der Zee’s photographs seems to illicit the type of emotion that is searching for a gleam of hope amid depression and darkness.

Jean-Michel Basquiat via hot parade

I noticed this when I first came upon the infamous Jean-Michel Basquiat portrait his did before the art died (of a drug overdose). A helpless soul yet an art prodigy and superstar in his own right.

Needless to say, Mr. Olowu’s collection is optimistic. and it’s glamourout with its fur trims, suede and luxurious prints. The bias-cuts dresses and, in particular – a stunning yellow and brown print dress with slight mermaid flair – were highlights this season.

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