What is Karen Binns?!

In culture, Fashion, Fashion Heat on February 13, 2011 at 12:31 am

via What?

It’s not so much what as opposed to who. Karen Binns is a New Yorker in London. Stylist by trade, and well known within the fashion circuit. Her claim to fame was Tori Amos, and she famously told Rolling stone Magazine “[Amos] looked like a teenage bag lady; poor white trash and completely out to lunch. I didn’t know what planet she was on, but it was definitely the right planet. I said ‘Honey, I can give you a Galliano dress and tell you you’re fabulous, but just keep it real. Reality always sells.'”

via Here in my head.

Binns is one of those industry secrets. You wouldn’t know who that ice-blond eccentric woman was, until you start a conversation with her and notice that people keep doing that air-kiss thing every-so-often. And when you do ask, you get that “you don’t know who I am?” look. Estelle knows her, so does Kanye West, as well as Mr. Hudson (the guy who laid down the vocals on Jay-Z‘s “Young Forever” track).

via What? magazine

But Binns can style like nobody’s business.

The Raven by Jez Tozer via SHOWStudio

And her magazinetitled What?, is a platform of ideas. I mean, the last thing we need is another magazine, but when it’s from the perspective of an artist who has lived through the era that helped to shape the fashion world we know today, of course it’s worth a peek.

Shout out to Diane Pernet for providing the video

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