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In art, culture, Fashion, Good Look on February 13, 2011 at 2:34 am

Andrè Walker (taken by Todd Selby)via the TIWIMUTA blog.

Nothing. OK. I lied.

I came upon an article in the New York Times on fashion eccentric – like, really eccentric – Andrè Walker and I had a flash “Hey, isn’t that the guy who still lives at his mom’s house?” Yeah, I read that somewhere, but because I wasn’t sure if it was him, it persuaded me to put my journalistic inclinations to use and dig.

People know him as the guy who tried, but failed, to revive WilliWear after its owner Willi Smith, died of AIDS in 1987. He then moved to Paris and and lived-it-up with Patrick Kelly (expect to see a post on him on this blog), another prominent (black) designer who died of AIDS in 1990. But don’t think Walker was down on his luck. This kid is a child prodigy having been in the fashion circuit since he was 12. So, with all the influential people in his circle, of course you could expect that he’d land gigs as Creative Director by the likes of Marc Jacobs and Kelly Jones. Oh, and let’s not forget the residency at the Matress Factory, an installation that infused fashion, art and culture into a kaleidoscope of jibberish.

TIWIMUTA via Nowness

But things really started to get ridiculous with TIWIMUTA, an acronym for This Is What It Made Us Think About, which happens to be a somewhat annual-ish- art publication. As Walker has stressed – though people haven’t really been listening – it is not a fashion magazine. It’s an influx of ideas, a collaboration of minds from people in his circle. And there’s a lot of great people involved: Jean-Paul Goude and Ryan McGinley, and aforementioned designers Marc Jacobs and Kim Jones.

via T Magazine.

But did I mention that the first issue was $375? Yeah, and the second issue was $195. Both editions were sold at Colette, Marc Jacobs stores, Barneys New York. I mean, I’ve spent $100 on a Phaidon or Taschen art book. And fashion books. But this book actually be worth the scrilla.


Think about it, but only if you’re a knee-deep enthusiast for this type of thing. Andrè Walker can afford to be Andrè Walker. Living this, not so much nomadic lifestyle, but one filled with inspiration. He’s from the generation of fashion (people) who rode high with the cliques, made clothes that didn’t have to sell, and still maintain relationships with people who allowed them to be wreckless for their art. In this day and age, when it’s all about numbers, stats, fiscals, Walker’s school is about emotion, creativity at its most authentic.

via T Magazine.

So yeah, you know, don’t get caught-up in the ‘pretense’ of it all, but rather, a very important piece of history.

And yes. Walker does live with his parents, still.

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