Create your own Vogue editor

In Fashion on February 11, 2011 at 9:16 pm

Emmanuel Alt via belles and rebelles
A topic that just randomly popped into my head. I’d call her, The Fashion Muncher. She’d walk around chewing the samples in the cupboards, annoying the rest of the staff as they’d have to explain to PRs that the “the dog at them.” Not to mention the mounting expense bills the publishers would have to pay. But she was created to fill the voids of the rest of the Vogue Editors. She’d be the ultimate creation. We may as well considering that everyone’s a critic.

The opinionated Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani seems to always be throwing about her woes regarding the people in fashion media. Then there’s the uproar over Carine Roitfeld’s recent departure. But, the issue isn’t over her, per say, but her successor Emmanuel Alt, fashion direct cum Editor of the fearless French Vogue. And let’s not forget how in “fear” we are over American Vogue‘s Anna Wintour after watching The Devil Wears Prada. The only one who seems to get a bit of piece is the intelligent, trust worthy Alexandra Shulman. But I suppose I’m based having been at the British Vogue quarters once upon a time. And I read of the audacity of some article calling this edition the bland one of the bunch. As if.

Anna Dello Russo, fashion director of Vogue Nippon seems to have been the only one willing to submit to the people by becoming something of a caricature. Planning her outfits and life for the impending collections months in advance. But while she has a fairytale affair with fashion, the other ladies have an extremely strenuous job – running a fashion magazine.

I once had a small stint as a runner of a low-brow publication. And by GOD, that was something I would never do – I mean never – again. The directions you’re being pulled. The question of integrity. Your direction versus that of the financial backers. It’s no wonder that I happily stepped down after the first issue.

I hold strong admiration for the Vogue Editors. Fact is, if we could Create our own Vogue Editor, she’d have absolutely ZERO personality producing a jumble of mess for a fashion publication lacking any sense, or direction.

I don’t expect to see anything ground-breaking from any of the editions this coming year, to be honest. And I say that regardless of changes. But I trust in the decisions of these editors, I always have, and that’s why I collect the magazines in the first place.

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