If I were a boy…

In Fashion on February 9, 2011 at 5:51 pm

Via The Fashionisto.

I’d be comfortable with my sexuality. I’d also be in touch with my feminine side. Besides, don’t most women want that anyway?

I mean, I personally always say I’m attracted to a ‘manly’ man, yet I complain if his alpha male tendencies leave me feeling like a pop tart. Maybe it’s time to try something different?

But I digress. Super fashion stylist Charles Adesanya has teamed up with a photographer named Giuliano Bekor on a nude men in couture hats series. Five male Adonis’ (Carter C., Oren and Ryan L. (Wilhelmina), Nick Lacy (Next Model Management) and Cody Saintgnue (LA Models)) Came along for the ride and the results are, well… um, interesting?

Well, that’s fashion. Gotta love it.

  1. Inspiring, the perfect balance of soft femininity and rough masculinity, a great example of a beautiful paradox.

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