Who’s that chick?

In Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look on February 5, 2011 at 7:49 pm

Would I rock this look? Hell yeah. We all need a bit of Euro-trash fun once in a while.

via def pen radio

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I’m in a poppy mood today. I’ve done a get-the-look series on Rihanna before. But while everyone is swooning (literally) over her S&M video, I’m into the light-hearted quirkiness of her collaboration with David Guetta. A little dance track called ‘Who’s that Chick’ (like you don’t know). Which, ultimately, compelled me to give a little ode to Riri’s candy-coated look.

via Fanpop

Funny how the concept of disco has changed. Amanda Lear, a former (and reluctant)`70s disco queen couldn’t stop complaining about how she hated the genre. “This is too trashy, all these ridiculous clothes, sequins, wigs, I can’t bare it!” She lamented in an interview to music journalist Princess Julia. Now, everyone and their dog is on a disco track, and, as for its now iconic style culture, well: Scissor Sisters, Roisin Murphy – nuff said.

via FHM

Riri’s well on her way with siren red wigs right about now, but just as I was ready to get back into adding some length (it’s currently very short, and very blond), I see this video and I’m reminded of the liberation I feel as a black woman with ‘punk’ hair of a rather unconventional colour. Such as Rihanna in this very underrated video.

via def pen radio

The very costume-y bodysuit looks like a Viktor & Rolf rip off, but that’s okay. It’s only a music video. But there’s definitely a mix of spandex from designer Abigail Greydanus for Syren.

David Guetta featuring Rihanna ‘Who’s that Chick’


Press play

Shout out to David Guetta and co. for providing the video

While you’re at it, peep Ms. Amanda Lear do her rendition of ‘Wild Thing’ and spot the difference. Not much, is there.

Shout out to LMprode on proving the video

Maison Michel Studded tulle “Heidi” rabbit ears hairband

via Colette

Bodyline Faux Pearl detail bodysuit

via Browns Fashions

Bandage skirt-Röcke

via Jade 24

Light pink vexed latex stockings

via Second life marketplace

Gianmarco Lorenzi Contrast multi strap court shoe

via FarFetch

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