Fashion icon: Róisín Murphy

In Fashion on February 5, 2011 at 10:45 pm

via the lovely Tommy Ton

Irish singer/song writer Róisín Murphy, the original mega-fashion plate (of the 21st century) with the silky vocal chords doesn’t get 1/8th of the proper recognition she deserves.

You might remember her melodic voice from this song:

Keep listening, this isn’t the radio-friendly version you know. Ms. Murphy was half of the underground house duo Moloko, and this 1998 hit – ‘Sing it back’ – was her claim to international fame.

Róisín Murphy in Gareth Pugh via her fan blog

Since then, she has gone on to release two solo albums: Ruby Blue (2005) and Overpowered (2007), the latter being her most recognizable, yet still on a small scale.

She did a cover of Bryan Ferry’s ‘Slave to Love’

which subsequently shot her into to the top 10 of the US Hot 100 charts. Her seductive vocals and its mid-tempo production became the sound behind the ad campaign for Gucci‘s men’s fragrance, Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme starring none other than Mr. 127 HoursJames Franco.

Unless you’re a die hard fan, chances are, you have not heard a peep.But don’t underestimate her this wonderous woman. Ms. Murphy is a favourite amongst some the world’s most avante-garde. Her svelte figure has been primped in couture by the likes of Gucci:

via contact music

she has effortlessly sported Gareth Pugh’s futuristic goth ensembles, and Viktor & Rolf’s theatrical dresses.

via Exposay

Her performances have been turned into live installations, and she is damn well considered royalty among the ever-colourful gay community.

2010 marked slow but steady change for Ms. Murphy, she’s had a baby, released a few tracks including the powerful electrco-fused Mamma’s Place, and made some notable appearances at fashion shows.

Contrary to belief, Ms. Murphy, you are not Overpowered.

via arjan writes

Shout out to EMI for providing the video.

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