Time to get Dressed

In Fashion on February 4, 2011 at 8:58 pm

My daily scour through  The New York Time‘s lead to yet another look into the world of fashion. A film. But, don’t expect Anna Wintour (The September Issue), Valentino (The Last Emperor) or Yves Saint Laurent (L’Amour fou) at the forefront. This time, the focus is on an unknown named Nary Manivong as he prepares to make his debut at New York Fashion Week. And to think, with all the Project Runways, and, the more recent The Fashion Show: The ultimate collection giving hopefuls a chance at stardom, you would think the last thing we need is a feature-length film.

The film, titled Dressed is directed by David Swajeski runs at 1 hour and 20 minutes. And while we all love stories of hope – don’t expect it to be something you haven’t heard before while watching American Idol: abandoned by his parents as a teen, he picked up an issue of Vogue and decided fashion was his destiny. I don’t mean to sound callus. For the most part, his tenacity is refreshing. And perhaps this is a story that will resonate with a generation lacking the security of older generations. In a sticky economy, thousands of graduates line up like cattle, thinking, longing, for what dreams may come. I will say, Nary is a survivor. A creator of his own opportunities. And if there’s anything the film guarantees, it is that.

Shout out to The Movie Reel on providing the video.

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