i-D Pre-Spring 2011

In Fashion on February 4, 2011 at 11:45 pm

via Fashion gone Rogue

Oh la la! Chanel Iman is naked! She really does want to be the best, doesn’t she.

i-D is notorious for using the naked form as a form of free expression, but my connection to the magazine is much more deep routed than an exposed nipple.

Hmm. I’m trying to remember when I first came up this magazine. It wasn’t all that long ago, probably 2006, give or take. I remember being taken aback by its post-punk cover. Funny because it’s hard to pin down exactly which one it was. They are all avant-garde. Every flick through its pages reveals over-the-top styling, make-up, imagery. It’s a staple in my collection. More so than any Vogue, Nylon or Harper’s Bazaar that I own. This magazine shapes who I am as a person who breathes art, fashion and music.

It is the first magazine, and this is fact, to even bridge high-fashion with hip-hop culture, something I hold very dear to my hear.

image via Fashion gone Rogue

The magazine was founded in 1980 by former Vogue art director Terry Jones, who has remained there to this day. The objective of the magazine was to rebel against the grain; be different from the other fashion magazines out at the time, by pushing the lines of fashion, art and culture as a whole. They added their signature wink on every cover, as if to say “We’re doin’ this our way buddy. Here’s to winkin’ at you.” A trademark that has permeated through generations, and is still synonymous anarchy. Something I can most certain relate to.

image via Fashion Gone Rogue

Another thing to note: with all these magazines showing preference to Actors and Actresses, it is one of the few few left that still put models on its cover. Hence its fearless attitude towards pushing boundaries.Newer magazines like V, Katie Grand’s LOVE, and POP try to infiltrate their own interpretations of the movement. But once you’ve worn the i-D badge, it is yours for the keeping.

The upcoming edition features former Dior Homme designer Hedi Slimane, supermodel cum singer Vanessa Paradis and a whirlwind of models including Hilary Rhoda, Erin Wasson, Jessica Stam, Ajak Deng, Liu Wen, Kirsi Pyrhonen, Milou Van Groesen, Rose Cordero, and Jeneil Williams. If you cop it, be prepared for unconventional interviews, editorials and endless inspiration.

Sure to be a juicy read.

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